(Minghui.org) Officers from Jianshejie Police Station forced their way into Mr. Quan Wuzhou’s home on July 2, 2016. Without showing their identification (ID), four officers ransacked his home and arrested him.

Mr. Quan was taken to the Qinhuangdao Mental Hospital. The police told his family that Mr. Quan would be held for two months. The police also demanded that Mr. Quan’s older brother sign some documents. The family was forced to pay 10,000 yuan per month for his treatment.

Tortured in Labor Camp – Denied Medical Parole

Mr. Quan gave the defense lawyer a DVD about Falun Gong before a trial of 16 practitioners in 2013, . He was arrested and detained for two weeks. Prior to that, he was repeatedly arrested and taken to labor camps.

During the annual conference of high ranking communist officials in Beidaihe, a beachside resort in Qinhuangdao, the police claimed that Mr. Quan was a terrorist and threatened to sentence him to a prison term.

Mr. Quan’s father asked the police to take him to a mental hospital instead of prison” upon hearing about it. The elderly father recalled that his son's leg was broken by guards during torture at the Hehuakeng Labor Camp. They denied medical help.

Injection of Poisonous Drugs and Electric Shocks

Mr. Quan was injected with poisonous drugs that damaged his central nerves. He was electrically shocked. When family members visited him two weeks after his detention, they found a different man. Mr. Quan was very slow, and he seemed to suffer from memory loss.

Billboards Advertise Rewards for Informants of Practitioners

Since Jiang Zemin, the former dictator of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), initiated the persecution of Falun Gong, the CCP has persecuted practitioners on so-called sensitive dates, such as April 25, July 20, the Beidaihe Conference and the Beijing Olympics. In Qinhuangdao City and the beachside, there are many digital billboards advertising rewards for informants who call to report on Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Quan’s plight is just one of many cases. Since 1999, numerous Falun Gong practitioners have been taken to labor camps, jail, and mental hospitals. They have suffered from various injuries and some have died.

The officers and doctors who actively participate in the persecution are involved in criminal activities. They face a dangerous future if they do not stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.