(Minghui.org) Mr. Fang Qingchang from Horqin Right Front Banner, Hinggan League was tortured to death on June 25 at Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia. He was serving four years for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

When his wife visited him two months ago, he was already emaciated and appeared to be very weak. According to insiders, he was subjected to brutal beatings and extra workload four days before his death.

His family noted that there was blood in his nose and the back of his head. They questioned what could have happened that led to the bleeding, and were told by the prison that this was “normal.”

The prison claimed that Mr. Fang died from a “heart ailment” and refused to provide assistance to the private medical examiner hired by Mr. Fang’s family to investigate the cause of death.

To date, the medical examiner is still unable to perform an autopsy. In the meantime, the prison is threatening to cremate Mr. Fang’s body without the family’s consent.

Mr. Fang’s Final Days

According to insiders, a team leader named Li Changjiang had several inmates shock Mr. Fang with electric batons and hit him in the chest and abdomen.

That night, Mr. Fang had trouble swallowing food.

The next day, he began walking unsteadily.

On the third day, he was sent to a hospital, but the doctors there claimed he was perfectly fine.

The next evening, he fell into a coma and was moved to a different cell to receive IV drips.

On the fifth day, June 25, he passed away. The prison didn’t notify his family until the following day.

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