(Minghui.org) During the Three Kingdoms Period in China (220-280), Emperor Ming of Wei once asked high-ranking officials to recommend someone for promotion. Wang Chang, head of Yanzhou, was selected.

Wang used to be the prince's teacher and he was also good at teaching his own children. Below is some advice he gave to his son and other young scholars.

First, help those who need assistance, respect the elderly, be honest with friends, and do not gossip.

Second, do not be arrogant or greedy or indulge in pleasure after gaining success; do not have low self-esteem when things do not go well.

Third, patience and modesty are important. Some plants may grow fast but do not live long. Pine and cedar, on the other hand, may grow slowly, but they can live for over hundreds of years.

Finally, examine yourself when met with criticism. If you made mistakes, accept the feedback and make corrections; if you did nothing wrong, there is nothing to lose. In any case, there is no need to complain or feel bad about it.

Because of Wang's teachings, his sons and many of his descendants made great contributions to society.