(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. Once I took up cultivation, my body was cleansed of many illnesses. For instance, I fully recovered bradycardia (slow heart beat), which was the result of a viral infection in my heart muscles.

In another instance, Master Li helped me escape unscathed from a car accident. I have many such stories in which Master Li and Falun Dafa saved my life, but today I want to tell you about how my severed finger reattached itself after being cut off with a knife.

I was working together with another practitioner on May 28, 2015, when I accidentally sliced off the distal segment of my left index finger. Almost the entire length from the nail was cut off, and it was hanging on by a tiny corner of nail where it meets the cuticle.

Initially, I did not feel much pain, and I thought I had only cut off a small piece of flesh. But when I looked at my hand, I found a whole finger segment was missing. The nail was gone and my finger bone was sticking out.

My first thought was to find the missing segment and place it back on my finger. Looking down, I found the segment right in front of me. I knew at that point that Master Li was helping me. Even more surprising was that both my finger and the severed segment were not bleeding at all.

I picked up the severed segment and pressed it back on my finger. What pain! It cut right through me, but I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and hung on. After a minute of searing pain, it began to subside. When I opened my eyes, there was blood flowing from the injured finger onto my palm.

When the other practitioner noticed I was bleeding, she was very shocked. She immediately wiped up the blood with some tissue, and bandaged the injured finger while I held it in place. After 3-4 minutes, my finger stopped hurting and bleeding. I carried on with my work using my right hand while keeping my injured left hand in an upright position.

I did not seek any medical attention, and did not worry about whether my finger would reattach itself. All I thought of was that Master Li has already saved my life and rearranged my path. If my finger grows back, then it grows back, if it does not it is fine, I’ll get used to it if my finger is a little shorter. I carried on with my daily activities and prepared dinner while holding my left index finger up.

After dinner, I sat down and thought about why my finger had been severed. There had to be a reason, and it was likely because I had something to improve upon.

When I searched within, I realized that I was still so arrogant and full of myself. I thought I did a great job at work and that others did not do their work as well. I often griped about others and always considered myself first and foremost. I had not achieved “the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.” (“Non-Omission in Buddha Nature” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

In fact, I had been aware of these attachments for a long time. I had not cultivated them away. I carried on harboring those attachments. Once I became aware of what I had been doing, I knew I had to get rid of all attachments completely. I know that even the most deeply rooted, throughly hidden attachments must be gradually exposed and eliminated through studying the Fa and correcting myself. It was time to let them go.

The next morning, I carried on as usual with practicing the exercises and going about my daily activities. While washing my face, I noticed that the severed segment of my finger had turned black and blue. According to the medical profession, this was a manifestation of poor oxygen supply to the severed segment, and the segment would likely fail to reattach. I did not let this worry me. I knew that only Master Li could decide what would happen to my finger.

After breakfast, I received a phone call from my colleague asking if I could take his shift at work. If I had not been a Falun Dafa practitioner, I would have had surgery in the hospital, and I would also need someone to fill in for me at work. I confidently agreed to take his shift for the day.

The next morning, the severed segment had turned pale and bloodless. I figured this meant that the finger was not getting any blood supply and was severely lacking oxygen. There seemed to be little hope of reattachment. I again did not let this worry me and carried on with my daily activities.

While working that afternoon, I accidentally touched my left index finger and was surprised to find that sensation in my finger tip had returned. When I looked, the severed part was now pink and appeared to be healing. The cut blood vessels and nerves had grown back and my finger was saved! I was deeply grateful to Master Li.

Modern medicine could never have achieved this result even with the most advanced technology today. It was also testimony to the fact that “Qigong is a science, and it is a higher science.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

I usually work independently at my job, and rarely meet my colleagues. One week later, one of my colleagues noticed the healed cut on my finger and asked me what had happened. I related the entire incident to them.

“Did you get a tetanus shot?” asked a colleague “If you get tetanus or a bone infection, you could lose your life!” I answered that I did not seek treatment, explaining how Falun Gong had healed me of severe illness before, and has proven its power again with the remarkable healing of my severed finger.

My colleagues examined my finger and saw how well the reattached segment had healed. One person exclaimed: “This is really a miracle! Even microsurgery wouldn't have been able to achieve this. Your practice is really powerful!” Many people made similar comments.

Indeed, it is. Thank you, Master Li!