(Minghui.org) People believe that fire and water have no mercy. However, the firewood I had stored up was spared during a large fire.

Over Chinese New Year 2014, neighborhood children were playing with firecrackers and accidentally set fire to their stores of firewood. My firewood was piled next to theirs. There were nine piles, with my three piles in the middle, and on both sides were those of my neighbors.

The fire started in one area and very quickly spread to the other piles, and the fire was getting bigger. Five piles on one side were all burned to cinders, and the fire was charging toward the other four piles on the other side, three of which were mine.

I thought about putting out the fire. However, I realized that the task was beyond my abilities. I thought I better ask for Master Li Hongzhi's help. I quickly went to Master’s photo, burned incense, and begged for help.

The blaze kept burning. We then saw a large ball of fire rise up, bypassing my three piles of firewood and dropping onto the piles of my neighbor. After burning everyone else’s firewood into ashes, the fire stopped. My firewood was not burned.

One neighbor said: “It’s extraordinary, Dafa practitioners are protected by divine beings. It's great to be a practitioner!” Many others made similar exclamations.

After this, the people in my area listened to truth clarificationabout Falun Dafa and believed what they heard. I took the opportunity to clarify the truth and advise people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

However, a child said: “This fire must have been set by the practitioner. Why is it only her firewood that didn't burn?”

An elderly woman replied: “Don’t utter nonsense. This was not done by the practitioner. Falun Dafa practitioners always do good deeds, and they would never do anything bad.”

This elderly woman was going to have a pacemaker operation. However, when she went to the hospital the doctors told her that her heart was fine and that she did not need a pacemaker. I believe that her one sentence saved her family thousands of dollars and also saved her the pain of the operation.