(Minghui.org) Practitioner-run media projects play an important role in countering the lies perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party against Falun Gong.

However, some practitioners become embroiled in endless interpersonal conflicts, while working on these projects. They are attached to being right, or they feel like the coordinator always sides with the other party, or they may even feel that others are being mean-spirited and unreasonable.

As such, these people often fail to see conflicts as character tests or karmic retribution. If they could manage to forebear through the tribulations that they encounter, it's possible that a portion of their karmic debts would be repaid.

If we could let go of our egos and unconditionally cooperate with each other, I feel every one of our projects would meet with great success.

All of the tests that we have passed or didn't pass have come and gone. With the little time that's left—which has been allotted to us by Master—we need to work hard to rid ourselves of our remaining attachments, and save the sentient beings that we are to save.

If we do not participate in a particular project because of our attachments, then an integral part of that project will be forever missing. As a result, some people might lose the chance to know the truth about Falun Gong and the brutal persecution.

I feel that each Dafa project was personally arranged by Master, ages and ages ago, including who would be participating in those said projects.

Many projects are short of help. Yet, some practitioners refuse to participate in them, even when they're asked to. When they do get involved, some of them do not put their hearts into the task at hand.

Since they're merely going through the motions of completing their task, they won't accrue any mighty virtue for their efforts. Why? Because high-level beings can see that the task was performed with an ordinary human mindset. It wasn't from the heart.

Many practitioners work on these big projects, so it's no coincidence that conflicts arise. Some practitioners don't see the conflicts as opportunities to improve their heart nature. Instead, they get caught up in endless discussion with the coordinator or with others and can't get over it.

Some people spend an inordinate amount of time chatting with others about how inept the coordinator is and how many mistakes he or she makes.

However, in ordinary society, a manager or owner of a company is rarely an expert in every aspect of his field or profession. If a practitioner worked for such a company and judged his boss like he judges his local coordinator, he might not last a week at the company!

Many Dafa-related projects don't match everyday businesses in terms of how well they're run or how profitable they are. I feel that the main reason is that as practitioners, we often do things half-heartedly, and fail to look within.

Think about it. If we don't closely follow the path that Master has arranged for us, aren't' we falling into old force traps? Once this happens, we will find ourselves becoming less and less interested in the various projects that come our way. In a word, we will become increasingly numb to the real purpose of our lives.

If we fail to cooperate well with others, or are unkind and combative, how can we expect to meet the standard of the new universe?