(Minghui.org) I was in great pain and on the brink of death from oral cancer diagnosed seven years ago.

Fortunately, I came to know Falun Dafa. With a firm belief in Dafa, I regained my life.

Sinking Life

I am 63 and live in a village in Sichuan Province. I was a good farm hand when I was young, and healthy and strong.

Everything changed ten years ago. Ringworm appeared on my legs. I didn't think about it too much and just rubbed the areas with cortisone. It came and went.

Then seven years ago things got worse. My mouth hurt. My lips festered. My mouth oozed bloody pus. A thick substance covered my tongue and it was numb.

Doctors at the hospital said I had cancer of the mouth.

My family took me to several big hospitals in Sichuan for treatment and spent 200,000 yuan (U.S. $30,000)). Nothing helped.

We returned home and stopped going to hospitals. The pain continued and at times I even lost my voice.

Started Practicing Dafa

I visited my oldest sister during the Chinese New Year in 2014. She and her daughter told me that Falun Dafa might be able to cure me.

She had talked to me about practicing Falun Dafa before. I was stubborn and said that I would never practice. Had I been open to her suggestion then, I would not have suffered as much later.

Now that the specialists at the hospitals gave me no hope, so I thought I would give it a try. I started doing the Falun Dafa exercises with my sister. While doing the exercise, I felt a warm energy flow go through my whole body. It felt very good. I never had that feeling before.

I did the exercises twice a day since I thought that I had a lot of bad karma and wanted to eliminate it quickly. I also listened to Master's Fa lectures using the tape recorder that my sister gave me.

Near Death

My husband had been severely brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and strongly opposed my practice. He hid my tape recorder. He treated my sister and her daughter rudely when they visited. He threatened to report them to police, so they stopped coming to my home.

My health deteriorated. I developed blisters everywhere on my body. Bloody pus oozed from every pore, even from my head. It made such a mess that I couldn't wear any clothes.

I stayed in bed, naked, for 73 days. My husband treated me coldly. Flies bothered me and mosquitoes bit me. I gathered all my strength to walk downstairs for water to wash my body to keep the insects at bay. Near death, I had no strength to carry water. My husband had to wash me every day.

I kept saying “Falun Dafa is good! Master, please save me!” Amazingly, I didn't get an infection during that time.

My husband asked the police to arrest me because I practiced Falun Dafa. They refused to take me when they heard that I couldn't wear clothes.

My husband sent me to a hospital, and the room I had was next to the morgue. I stayed there for 53 days. I was not washed, could not wear clothes, and did everything in my bed, including eating and discharging.

I constantly said in my mind, “Falun Dafa is good! Master, please save me!”

When the hospital staff moved a dead body from the morgue, they passed by my room. According to custom, the family of the deceased set off firecrackers. I saw a dead body almost every day. Once I saw three in a day. I gradually learned to face death with a calm heart.

As I neared death my daughter asked, “Mom, are you afraid [of death]?”


Seven Days of Profuse Bleeding

I was eventually released from the hospital.

I ran into my sister on the street one day. She encouraged me. “The fact that you are still alive shows that Master and Dafa protect you. Please be firm in your belief in Dafa and Master. Let Master take care of you.”

From time to time I visited my sister and we studied the Fa.

My skin festered and then new skin grew. Then it festered once more and new skin grew again. This continued on and on. The nails on my hands and feet fell out and new ones grew in. Two fingernails even grew twice.

When I sat on the floor to study the Fa at my sister's home one day, I sat on a board so the discharge of pus would not damage the floor. When I stood up after Fa study my pants stuck to my skin. It was quite painful to pull them away from my skin, but I never complained.

My last bout of suffering came on March 27. My face suddenly swelled so much that I could not open my eyes. I was at home alone. I tried to walk on my own. I knocked my head on a wall and fell heavily to the ground.

I shouted, “Master, please let me see my way!” Then I could open my eyes, though not much.

The inside of my mouth felt very numb, as if something was stuck to my tongue. I tried to pull it out. A shell of my tongue came out. I got a new tongue!

Blood poured from my mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. I placed layer upon layer of paper under my head while I slept that night.

The next day, the paper was soaked. My face felt tight. Only my eyeballs could move.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw dried blood all over my face. I soaked my face in water for a long time to remove the blood.

For a week I bled from every orifice of my body. My husband was very scared. According to a Chinese saying, bleeding from every orifice means the person is dying.

My husband asked me to call my daughter so that she could see me one last time. I didn't call, because I was not worried.

I told myself, “Death is nothing now that I have learned Dafa. Even if I die, I will be a Dafa disciple!”

Probably because I gave up the fear of death, death stayed away from me. Seven days later, the bleeding stopped. The swelling also went down. I had totally recovered.

“I will definitely practice this Dafa!”

I resumed going to my sister's home to study the Fa. This angered my husband and he threatened to wreck my bicycle so that I couldn't go.

“I got a new life from Dafa,” I said to him. “I am afraid of nothing. For sure I will practice this Dafa and no one can stop me. Have you ever heard of anyone who survived after bleeding from every orifice for a long time? I did. You should be grateful to my Master!”

My husband did not speak. I knew that in his heart he was changing and coming to appreciate Dafa.

Thank you, Master, for giving me a new life!

I want to share my story with everyone so that they can see from my experience, Falun Dafa is good!