(Minghui.org) My parents and I practice Falun Dafa and benefit greatly from it–especially my mother, who was cured of many illnesses. After the persecution started, she has been going out to local shops to raise awareness and persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and take a stance against the regime's crimes.

My mother often told me about her day when she returned home, and how the people at the stores she visited were very supportive. Below are some of her stories.

Pharmacy Owner

My mother got acquainted with a pharmacy owner. She accepted all the materials and calendars that my mother gave her, and she and her husband were very supportive.

One day, she told my mom about an accident that happened to her husband near the end of 2014.

Her husband had gone to his friend's house in a rural area to dig for bamboo shoots and stayed overnight. The next morning, he woke up feeling dizzy and had no strength. He quickly recited, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and all the discomfort disappeared.

The store owner is an enthusiastic person and often has many customers in the store. My mother went there frequently and met many people. Whenever my mom is in the store, the owner will help her tell people about Dafa, persuade them to quit the CCP, or sign a petition opposing the persecution.

If someone doesn't believe it or is afraid to sign, the store owner tells them, “Sign the petition and quit the CCP. This is for real. I've already signed and quit. You will be blessed!”

Pharmacy Customers

One day in December 2015, my mom went there again and saw a man in his 60s sitting in the store. The man was happy to see my mom. “We must have a special connection, to see each other again,” he said.

My mom agreed with him and took out a piece of paper for him to sign. “Please sign this petition to speak out against Jiang's crimes.” He signed it without hesitation.

Then my mom took out a calendar and gave it to him. He accepted it gladly and asked for more to give to his relatives and friends. He asked for additional petition forms, too.

My mom had run out of materials and asked him to wait while she walked home to retrieve them.

Once she got what she needed at home, my mom asked me to take her back to the pharmacy store quickly. When we arrived, the man was gone. The store owner told us that he had left five minutes before.

We tried searching for him and finally found him on a bus and gave all the materials to him.

A few months passed, and we met him again at the pharmacy. He said that he had handed the list of petition signatures to the pharmacy owner the day before. I asked if he was afraid to ask people to sign. He said he was not. He told us that he brought the DVDs back to his town, and the majority of the people signed the petition after watching the video.

He then asked my mom if she had brought along Dafa books and DVDs so that he could begin learning the practice. She handed the materials to him, and I told him to cherish the book Zhuan Falun, as it is not easy to find in China these days.

At this moment, the pharmacy owner came and handed the petition forms to my mom. We opened it up and saw nearly 80 signatures. The man had even made copies of the form himself, as the one form my mom gave him was not enough.

This March, my mom met three people who quit the CCP and signed the petition. One of them told my mom that the news reported on a place where all of the houses had caught fire except for his. When someone asked him why his house escaped the fire, the person took out a Falun Dafa amulet from his pocket and said that it protected him. He then asked if he could get another one.

When my mom took out a dozen amulets, all were taken quickly by those in the store. Many said that they planned to give them to their relatives and friends.

Candy Store Owner and His Customers

Although my mom is illiterate, she loves to strike up a conversation with others. She got acquainted with two store owners – a candy store owner and an appliance repair store owner. My mom often placed materials in their stores.

The candy store owner was previously a teacher and knew many people. He is supportive of Dafa and likes reading our materials. He often gives the materials to his customers and his neighbors whenever he returns to his hometown. The materials often run out in a few days, as he distributed them quickly.

One day, an elderly man and a young man happened to step into his store while en route to the city. She told them about Dafa and gave them the materials.

The elderly man quit the CCP. The young man who had never joined CCP said, “Do you still have any materials? I can give them out for you at the hotel.”

The elderly man and the store owner said, “Don't distribute them at the hotel. Take them back home. If anyone asks you where you got them, please don't mention this old woman. Tell them that you picked them up on the street.”

Later, the young man came to the store again and asked the store owner for more materials, as he was going to travel to another place.

Signing the Petition

My mom was telling an old man about Dafa on a street a few days ago. The old man had never joined the CCP, so she asked him to sign the petition.

He looked at the petition and said, “Jiang Zemin is very bad. He persecuted Falun Dafa. I know Falun Dafa is good. I'll sign.”

As he was signing, a young man in his 20s said, “I'll sign, too.” Learning that he was a Party member, my mom encouraged him to quit the CCP, explaining that one would not want to be an accomplice to its heinous crimes and share in its ill fate. The young man then looked at the sky and announced, “I'll quit the Party and be safe.”

Many people who have talked with my mom looked for her again to ask for more materials. Some of them even wanted to give gifts to her or treat her to a meal to express their thanks. My mom declined and told them to thank our Master instead.

Indeed, knowing how sick my mom was before she began the practice, it is amazing to watch her tireless efforts to for the benefit of others. This is the power of Falun Dafa!