(Minghui.org) My childhood memories centered around my mother’s numerous health problems. She couldn’t walk, sit or take care of herself. We had to hide sharp objects and pesticide from her, as she was constantly seeking to end her life.

All our worries vanished when she picked up the practice of Falun Dafa in 1998–she became illness-free in just 20 days!

Life was beautiful again until she was sent to a labor camp a few years later for refusing to renounce her faith.

My father was almost killed in a serious accident while my mother was imprisoned. His mistress, who he had started seeing shortly after my mother was arrested, ran away with all of his money.

My mother, who was released early because of the accident, didn’t give up on my father. She kept telling him that only by believing in Falun Dafa could he be saved. Even the doctors, who declared my father only had days to live, were amazed that he later regained consciousness.

Surviving the Accident and Attempted Murder

While waiting for a bus on the evening of January 19, 2003, my father was hit by a drunken motorist and was rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, he was almost killed by three masked men hired by the guilty motorist, who feared that my father would become a vegetable and that he’d be held responsible for endless medical expenses. They unplugged his oxygen and IV tubes, and put him on the floor to punch him and kick his head.

The hospital advised us to take my father home, saying that there was nothing they could do to save him. A neurologist from Beijing said that my father had only three days to live because of severe brainstem injury from trauma.

Three days after the accident, my uncle brought my mother home from Gaoyang Labor Camp, but not before the authorities extorted more than 8,000 yuan from him. My mother believed Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) would save my father.

One month later, my father was still in a coma when a friend, who was also a practitioner, brought him a Dafa amulet. My mother asked my father if he wanted the amulet. Just then, my father raised his right hand, grasped the amulet, and put it in his shirt pocket. Everyone shouted: “He's awake! He is saved!” My father has since improved day by day.

At my wedding in September 2009, my mother made a speech thanking the many selfless Dafa practitioners, friends, and relatives for their help during those years of hardship. Right after her appreciation speech, my father, took the microphone and said loudly his first words since the accident: “Quit the Chinese Communist Party to have a bright future!”

Dafa Practitioners Are Selfless

Dafa practitioners were a great help when my father was in the hospital. Some practitioners helped take care of him. Some accompanied my mother and read Dafa books with her. Some helped farm our land. Some even brought us food and daily necessaries. One elderly practitioner even found some people to help my mother establish a small store to make a living.

When my mother was illegally detained, my father had started a business with his mistress. When he was in a coma, this woman took ownership of his business, including a wholesale account worth one million yuan. My mother said to us, “It's fine as long as your father is still alive. Maybe he just paid back his karma from a previous life. Let's start all over again.” I was deeply moved by her selflessness.

It has been 13 years since my father’s accident. My mother has been taking care of him day in and day out without complaint. As their child, I know all too well that my father would have long been dead without my mother’s loving care.

I also know it is thanks to Falun Dafa that my mother could treat her cheating husband with compassion. I am in awe of Dafa’s power in changing people, and I thank Master Li for saving my father’s life and his marriage.