(Minghui.org) I didn't know what to do when the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Dafa, and I didn't understand what Fa-rectification cultivation was all about. As I began to focus on studying the Fa, I gained a better understanding of cultivation, with our Teacher’s guidance.

One Thought Changed My Entire Outlook

One of my family members maligned Dafa, and I couldn't help but worry that he might be angry with me for being involved in the practice. However, there was no way that I would stop practicing.

The words “old forces,” which Teacher mentions in his lectures, later appeared in my mind. When I realized that human thoughts and the attachment to fear are old force arrangements, and that I should deny them, they disappeared immediately.

When this family member looked at the Dafa informational materials I gave him, instead of being angry, he was smiling. He now even occasionally reminds me to pay attention to my safety.

Some unknown fear later crept into my mind, that I couldn't eliminate. I then thought that I wouldn't be able to do Dafa work well if I was fearful. I knew that I had to remain firmly grounded in the Fa, but I didn't know how to strengthen my righteous thoughts, and could only try to suppress the fear. The Fa I had studied in the past vaguely appeared in my mind and helped me to firm up my belief.

My fear suddenly disappeared as I realized that Teacher would protect me when I was doing things for Dafa. I felt invincible and honored to do things for Dafa, and I was greatly encouraged by this feeling.

Putting My Fate in Teacher's Hands

I truly believe that my understanding of the Fa is given to me by our Teacher, as Master taught us,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun)

The best way is to truly put one's fate in Teacher’s hands and follow his guidance through the Fa lectures.

The persecution was at its height at the time, and there was a brainwashing center close to my home. Some practitioners whom I often contacted had been arrested, or “visited” by the police. I remained calm, and continued doing what a practitioner should do.

Escaping Harm

I had a dream one night that the beams in my house broke. I wondered why I had this dream. I then found that I had a problem with another practitioner. I decided to let go of my human attachment and correct the situation when I next saw this practitioner.

The practitioner asked me to go to her home. Before leaving, I asked Teacher for guidance, “I don’t want to follow the old forces' arrangement and be persecuted. Please protect me and help me find my attachments if I cannot find them.”

On my way back home that night, I suddenly felt an intense dark atmosphere near me, like some kind of dark gray substance. I became more fearful as I got closer to my home.

My neighbors told me that the police and others had been asking for information about me. They had also visited my child’s school. After learning this news, I reminded myself that I should stay calm, and must not be influenced by negative thoughts.

The police were looking for me, so I knew that my home was no longer safe. I used a public phone to notify a practitioner and my family members to hide the Dafa materials. An image of the police coming to my house at midnight clearly appeared in my mind.

I therefore decided to leave my house, taking a few Dafa books with me, including Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, as no matter where I go, I need the book to study the Fa.

A practitioner who had come to help disagreed with me about leaving my home. My child was quiet at first, but then started crying, and insisted on leaving with me. So we all left. We later learned that about eight police officers had broken into my house at around midnight, and were searching for us nearby.

Their attempt to persecute me failed because of Teacher’s protection. I began to understand the Dafa teachings more and more, which helped me to look inward.

It didn't take long to get to know a few practitioners where I moved to, and we set up a local Fa study group.

Studying the Fa and Looking Inward

Group Fa study taught me to look inward when I encountered conflicts. I learned about my responsibilities as a practitioner, which is to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa. I was also gradually able to let go of self, which helped me to realize that human attachments are the root cause for the old forces persecution. I was thus able to change the old forces interference into opportunities for improving myself.

It's important to concentrate and study the Fa with a peaceful mind. My cultivation state improved significantly by doing this, and I found it much easier to do Dafa projects than before. When I wrote a letter of complaint to sue Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party, I felt that Teacher was protecting me again.

I still need to improve in my cultivation, as I believe I'm lagging behind other practitioners. I do not understand the Fa clearly, and do not have sufficient righteous thoughts to deny the old forces' arrangements completely, but I have sincere faith and belief in Teacher and the Fa.

As long as we truly believe in Teacher, solidly cultivate, and comply with the requirements of the Fa at all times, we will experience the power of the Fa, and the old forces' arrangements will not affect us. It is like Teacher said, “A demon will never be higher than a Tao.” (Zhuan Falun)