(Minghui.org) For many years my wife has been persecuted for being a Falun Gong practitioner. She was repeatedly arrested, taken to a labor camp, and forced to leave home to avoid being persecuted. I was very angry with her. I cursed, used violence, and threatened to divorce her. I blamed her for all the troubles caused by the communist regime. Unwittingly, I assisted the evil to harm good people.

After her first arrest, the police let her come home for a brief time. I was furious and hit her in front of others. I thought: If she gave up Falun Gong, she would not be imprisoned again. I worried as to whom would take care of our son or run our family business. Why do I have to live like this? I directed all my anger at her.

After she was released from detention, the police frequently harassed her. To avoid another arrest, she went into hiding. I was alone again, taking care of our son and family shop. It was exhausting, so I closed our shop and lived on our savings. I had no choice but to work as a laborer.

I was fed up with the misery and told her: “I don’t see an end to this, and I've had enough. You must promise me not to go out again, or I will file for divorce.” She did not say anything.

Resentment Despite Knowledge of Truth

My heart was torn apart. I loved my wife and son so much that I could not imagine life without them. I also knew that my wife was innocent and a very kind person. But I was also too scared to endure a life like this. I knew she would never promise to give up her rights, so I stopped short of filing for divorce. However, I could not help feeling resentment and fear.

Every time she went out to do Falun Gong related things, I began to worry. When she returned, I started a big fight and threatened to divorce her if she got arrested again. But she kept silent and asked me to calm down.

Deeply Touched

One day after she returned home late at night, I started to curse her. She began to cry and told me: “Dafa is being attacked unfairly, and fellow practitioners are being persecuted. If I stay at home and mind my own business, I could not be called a good person. If your friends are wronged and in trouble, and you pretend that you know nothing, what kind of person are you?”

I was deeply touched by her words. For the first time, I was not angry. Yes, today’s people are selfish, and they just want to live the good life for themselves. Who dares to speak up like Falun Gong practitioners to defend their belief and human rights? My wife was risking her life for other practitioners. I do not have the courage to help her, but at least I should not help the perpetrators to persecute my wife.

Support of Practitioners Slows Down Persecution

When winter arrived, she was detained again for passing out Falun Gong flyers. I had to care for our 4 year old son and run the family shop. I also missed her terribly, and I was worried about her. But I also began to respect her decision.

I wrote in a letter to her, “I can not imagine the horrible situation that you are facing.” Because she refused to compromise her belief, the police denied my right to visit her.

I decided to call and write to the police department. I told them that her family and relatives are deeply concerned about her situation. I also told the police that my wife is a very determined person, and she would never give up her belief. Because of my frequent phone calls and letter campaigns, the police actually went easier on her. A few months later, she was released.

This showed me that if all practitioners’ families supported the practitioners and did their best to rescue them, the police would think twice before they persecute practitioners.

Jiang Zemin Ordered Persecution

One day several officers came to take my wife to a brainwashing center. I got angry and yelled at them. When they ignored my protest I fought with them. Finally, they pushed me to the ground and carried her to the car.

After the police car left, I ran to the brainwashing center and asked them why they detained my wife. I was told, “Go ask Jiang Zemin. This is his order.” I was too angry to say anything. What could I say?

My wife escaped from the brainwashing center two days later. But did not return home.

I heard someone knock and saw several officers at the door the next morning. I recognized most of them from the past. One officer wore a bandage on his finger, I suspected that he injured his hand while arresting my wife and other practitioners. Sarcastically, I said: “Job well done, huh? You were so gung-ho against women, is that worth it? How about using your talent to fight criminals?” He was very embarrassed and remained silent.

The police rarely came to our house after that, because they knew I would not help them.

Police Harassment

Several officers waited for hours in our building. This gave me enough time to hide all the Falun Gong books and materials. When they finally came to my place, they found nothing.

One day a couple of years ago, my wife was arrested again. The police had gotten hold of our house key and came into our home. I am a slow witted person and have a hard time making decisions under pressure. But, when the police entered our home without knocking, I quickly moved her important things to another place. The place was not ideal for hiding things, but that was all I could do in a few seconds.

They searched our home for a while, but they did not find any sensitive materials. Finally they took something from her room, including an important item that my wife uses every day. I told the police to leave that item, otherwise, I would fight with them with all my strength. They backed off and promised to leave it with me. Before they left with some unimportant items, the police asked me to sign my name on an itemized list. I refused.

Dafa Gave Wisdom and Blessings

Because of my limited capability, I relied largely on my wife to run the family business. But when she was not home, I had to do everything. In the past, I was not even qualified to be her assistant, but now I am in charge. All of a sudden I realized that I am not incapable anymore. I managed to run the shop just fine, and even made a decent profit.

After my wife came home, a neighbor told her that I managed just fine. My wife told me, “Dafa is helping our family, and you are blessed for protecting the Dafa materials.”

I am blessed indeed. For years, I suffered from kidney stones, and the pain was hard to endure. A few years ago during the Chinese New Year holiday, I was in great pain and stayed in the hospital for days to relieve the pain. Doctors could not help me. My wife told me: “Only Falun Gong can help you.”

Following her advice, I sincerely recited, “Falun Dafa is Great; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Great.” I also listened to Mr. Li Hongzhi's lectures on audio. Within a week, my symptoms were gone.

Cultivation Not Easy

Although I have not begun to practice Falun Gong, I support my wife’s cultivation wholeheartedly. When she is busy with Falun Gong things, I try to take on more house chores.

When she recites the Falun Gong book from memory, I read the book along with her to make sure she is precise. When she tried to convince people to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, I would sometimes say: “Trust her. We have all done that, and have benefited.” I even convinced one friend to quit the Party when my wife was not there.

Last year when Falun Gong practitioners began to file lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, I did not hesitate and filed my own lawsuit. I believe all Chinese people want to see Jiang Zemin brought to trial.

I have been thinking about becoming a practitioner, but I have not gathered enough courage to do that. Falun Gong cultivation looks simple, but it is not easy at all. I admire my wife and other practitioners.

During the Chinese New Year in 2016, my wife told me that all practitioners give greetings to Mr. Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Gong) and I could do that too this year? She told me that I could write my story and submit it to the Minghui website.

Now I want to take this opportunity to say, “Happy birthday, to Mr. Li! Thank you, for saving Dafa practitioners and their families!”