(Minghui.org) I was an unhappy high school student before I started to practice Falun Dafa 17 years ago. At 18, I worried about doing well on tests and relationships with my peers.

I was so competitive and stressed out over exams that I almost had a mental breakdown.

My physical health was very poor. I usually got sick during flu season and was in the doctor’s office so often that they became my friends. I suffered from a severe skin problem with no known cause. My whole body was covered by red spots. The largest hospital in Taiwan used me as a case study.

Then I found Falun Dafa, which lifted me out of the stress that weighed me down and gave me a life free of care and worry. Many beautiful things naturally followed. I gained health and wisdom, which in turn brought success to my work and life.

Mental Health Brings Physical Well-Being

In my senior year, the school counselor was very worried about my mental health. I told her I was so stressed about my college entrance exams that I cried whenever I opened a textbook. She asked me to come in and talk with her from time to time.

That year, I started to practice Falun Dafa, which made me realize the purpose of my life.

My personality completely changed. I no longer worried about test scores or competed with others. Without attachment to personal achievements, I became more willing to help others.

Smiles accompanied me all the time. My friends and colleagues wondered why I never seemed to worry about anything. I told them about what I had learned from Falun Dafa.

Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, said,

“In cultivation, everything you experience is a good thing, and you are establishing your own mighty virtue.” (Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference)

I have not seen doctors for 17 years, because I rarely get sick. My skin problem has disappeared. At the age of 34, people sometimes mistake me for a teenager or someone in her twenties. They are amazed that I look so young, and I always tell them my fountain of youth is practicing Falun Dafa.

As I follow the principles of Falun Dafa, a gentle and considerate attitude has replaced my competitive mentality. My face has become more lovely and my physical movements more graceful.

Successful Career

With the positive mentality gained from my spiritual practice, I now remain calm in the face of pressure. I perform superbly during exams or interviews.

Math and science, among other subjects, used to be very hard for me. However, after I started practicing Falun Dafa, it seems that I have gained wisdom. Everything I study now seems very simple to understand.

I attended a top university. I studied only two months for the graduate school entrance exam and was admitted to a top graduate school.

When I worked on my master’s thesis, the writing went so smoothly that I thought divine beings were helping me. The graduate committee that judged my thesis liked it so much that they suggested I publish it.

I now have a very successful career as a corporate manager in a Fortune 500 company. I prepared just a few months for a regional exam for the company with a 1% admission rate.

I work hard and am very good at what I do. I am often assigned the most important projects.

I try to be considerate of others and am well-liked by my managers and colleagues.

Before I became a corporate manager, I briefly volunteered as a researcher and reporter for a media outlet. Now in my spare time, I still work in the media writing on international politics, society, and culture. My online columns sometimes get as many as 40,000 views. Many readers contact me for further discussion.

Happy Family

I met my husband through the practice of Falun Dafa. He is also a practitioner. We are a happy and loving couple.

As I live by the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I also get along very well with my in-laws, and we genuinely care about one another. My colleagues and friends are often amazed that there is no tension between in-laws in my family.

Thank you, Master!

None of my achievements in life and work would have been possible had it not been for Falun Dafa. Thank you, Master, for giving me Falun Dafa and for bringing so many beautiful things into my life.