(Minghui.org) Not so long ago I received a text message from a child. She said that she had good and bad news. She wondered what I preferred to hear first, and I asked to hear the good news first.

“There are 80 some students in my class,” she texted. “My grades went up since last semester. I moved from being among the top 10 to the top 6 students. The bad news is I only scored 57 points in math.” I could tell she was a bit embarrassed about her math score.

This kind of academic achievement seems reasonable for a normal child. However, this girl had an unusual past that made this achievement extraordinary.

Parenting Another Woman's Child

The girl was only six years old when I met her. She would not let go of my mother's clothing when she walked. She looked down and turned on the same spot for hours. Her eyes were dull, her mouth twitched, and she giggled every now and then. She did not seem to understand what others said, and did not seem to care. She lived in her own little world.

She was once a lovely child, but an illness had changed her. There was no more laughter in her family, and her parents felt embarrassed and helpless. Thus, they gave her to my parents.

A neighbor suggested that the child be put into a mental hospital. My mother was illiterate, so she brought the girl to me. She thought since I lived in the city and knew how to read, I could take the girl to see a doctor in the city.

I gave the girl a toy. Two minutes later she got scared and threw it far away. I hugged her and cried. I worried about how she would spend the rest of her life.

We took her to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The treatment would cost tens of thousands yuan. Neither my mother nor I had that kind of money. My mother said that we should try to raise her and see what happens.

We lived in a company dormitory, and my room was very small. Instead of walking up the stairs, this girl walked up on her hands and feet. She screamed when she used the squat toilet, for fear of falling into it. I didn’t know how to raise a child, since I never had one. My mother was not educated and therefore was unable to help.

Teaching the Child Falun Dafa

I had just begun to practice Falun Dafa, and did not really know how to cultivate. But, the girl was present, next to me when I studied the Dafa books and did the exercises.

She had lost her memory after she got ill. Gradually, she was able to remember certain things. And she even spoke a few words one day. Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, took care of me and the girl.

Little by little, she turned for the better. The doctor could not figure out how an epileptic could get well without treatment or medication. Miraculous things can happen when a child grows up in a practitioner's family.

She later learned the exercises, began to read the Dafa books, and Dafa gave her wisdom. Her ability to learn and her school grades improved from day to day. She has now grown into a graceful, well-behaved, and intelligent person. I cannot imagine the fate of this girl had it not been for the protection of Master Li after she began to practice Dafa.

I want to share with everyone, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is an upright practice!”