(Minghui.org) I was born into a poor family in a rural area, so it was hard for my parents to find a husband for me. My parents asked their relatives and friends for a good match, but to no avail. Finally, they located an eligible bachelor who lived in a village 10 miles away. I had no choice in the matter.

After we got married, we moved into an old cabin with a leaky roof. For years we could barely feed ourselves, let alone think about having children.

Life Improved after Doing a Good Deed

After the Communist regime started to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, the police began to harass practitioners. A relative who lived in the city came to our house with several suitcases filled with Falun Gong books. He told me that the police were trying to confiscate the books and asked me to keep them in a safe place. I agreed.

We later heard that the police ransacked his home several times, and several people in his family were arrested and incarcerated in prisons or forced labor camps.

Our family life soon began to improve. My husband found a job at a pharmaceutical company, and the village authorities approved my application to operate a mill next to the village entrance. We began to make money and became the parents of two daughters and a son.

At the time, the government was aggressively enforcing the one-child policy. Many families with a second child had to pay heavy fines. But we were not affected at all, even with three kids.

Several years ago, the relative came back for his books. Before he left, he gave me several copies. He also told me a lot about Falun Gong. After he left, I read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, and became a practitioner.

Good Reputation Spreads Far and Wide

Nowadays, most mills mix chemicals in the flour to make it look good. This is done to mark up the price. After I became a Falun Gong practitioner, I stopped adding chemicals to the flour. My profit margin went down, but my flour was free of chemicals. Gradually, people heard about my chemical-free flour and did not mind a long trip to buy flour from my mill. My honorable reputation brought in more business!

Using the leftover wheat bran, I raised six sows. Every year the sows had two to three litters. Each piglet sells for 800 yuan. The pigs alone made us a small fortune. Our neighbors became quite jealous. They wondered why we did so well, while other villagers could not find work.

Businesses in our area took a nose dive beginning in 2015. Many companies laid off people; some even temporarily shut down their plants. But my husband’s company did very well and sales surged. The employees continue to get pay raises. We bought a car, built a house, and surrounded it with a fence. We simply cannot believe our good fortune!

“We Are Living Proof”

I work very hard, but I am never tired. And no one in our family ever gets sick. Our children's friends always get sick, especially in the winter, and their parents have to spend a fortune on medical bills.

Our children are not smart, and we were not able to tutor them, but they are among the top students in their classes. When my oldest daughter was accepted into a top-notch high school, she was awarded a 3,000-yuan scholarship. She is doing very well. People ask how we teach our kids. I tell them that we teach them to follow the Falun Gong principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

My second daughter is the most diligent practitioner among our three children. She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

In August 2015, my elementary school-aged son ran across a road without looking, and a car was headed straight toward him. Everyone thought that he would be hit, but the car missed him by an inch. He told me that he did not realize the danger until the car suddenly stopped.

People often admire our good fortune and wonder why we are so lucky. We are living proof of what has been said: “Respect and support Falun Gong, and you will be rewarded by heaven.”