(Minghui.org) A practitioner in our Fa study group recently developed sickness karma. I could not figure out at first what was wrong, but I would like to share my observation and thoughts about this matter.

This practitioner liked to wear clothes that were tacky and revealing. Perhaps she thought they were attractive and presentable.

In the past, the nuns in temples wore loose gray robes. They kept their appearance low key, as well as their conduct. Why? I believe it was so as not to stir up improper thoughts in others and to eliminate their own attachments, particularly in the area of lust and desire.

Today people wear clothing that is revealing and sexy, and think it is fashionable. If one follows the current society with its deviant standards, this not only hurts oneself, but also affects others in a negative way.

We cultivate in the mundane world, but our hearts and minds should be beyond it. We are, after all, Dafa practitioners. We should not follow the crowd.

To save people, we should be mindful of how we carry ourselves, watch how we dress, and conduct ourselves according to the standard of a cultivator.