(Minghui.org) Two sisters who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual practice currently persecuted in China, were arrested in December last year for putting up posters about the persecution.

The police broke into their houses and confiscated their Falun Gong books and other personal belongings. They were transferred to a detention center the next day before their families learned about their arrest. The two have been detained in Shijiazhuang 2nd Detention Center for over three months, and their families haven't been allowed to visit them even once. The prosecutor indicted them on March 1st of this year. Their families had no choice but to hire a lawyer to represent them.

The family members of the two practitioners, Ms. Chen Jinxiu (陈金秀) and Ms. Chen Xiuju (陈秀菊), have sent out appeal letters to the prosecutor in charge of their case and petitioned for their release. The following is the letter from Ms. Chen Jinxiu's son:

My mother Chen Jinxiu has been detained for three months since her arrest on December 7, 2015. My mother's arrest was legally baseless. I have spoken with her lawyer and know that there isn't a law in China that criminalizes practicing Falun Gong.

Selfless Dedication to Her Family

My mother is almost 60 years old, and she worked several odd jobs just to make enough money for the family to get by. She developed severe leg pain because she was overworked. Thanks to her practice of Falun Gong, her legs recovered without costing us anything. Now she is being incarcerated for having faith in such a great practice.

The arrest has taken a huge toll on our family. For a long time she's been the sole caretaker of my father, who had cardiovascular problems and couldn't work after a car accident.

Being a Diligent, Honest Employee

My mother and my aunt used to work as janitors in a company. Most of the other janitors would avoid the surveillance cameras to chat or do nothing. My mother and aunt never did. They quietly did their jobs no matter how dirty the places were or how exhausting the jobs were, without complaint. They were always on time and never left work early. They treated their coworkers kindly, and when possible shared their meals with them. When they had to leave the job to take care of other family members, their employer repeatedly asked them to stay and offered to increase their salaries. Seeing that they were determined to leave, their employer told them that they could come back any time.

Release My Mother and Aunt

My mother and my aunt broke no law, and I cannot understand why law-abiding citizens like them are being prosecuted for their faith. I demand their immediate release.

I am not sure if my mother's health is still holding up in the detention center. My father has been upset and depressed during the whole time. Our family longs to have my mother back soon.

Li Gai and the whole familyMarch 12, 2016