(Minghui.org) I was touched when I recently recited the following passage in Zhuan Falun:

“Others have said to me, 'You’ve made their cultivation so easy. People just have that little bit of adversity of their own, and there are just those little things between people. There’s a lot of attachments they still aren’t able to get rid of!'”

That last sentence got to me the most. I was again reminded that it is difficult to get rid of attachments and that I need to cultivate diligently.

The thought occurred to me that nothing is simple in cultivation, despite passing many tests and tribulations during the Fa-rectification. Master has the final say on all things during this time. Dafa practitioners’ cultivation is arranged by Master. How could others say, “There’s a lot of attachments they still aren’t able to get rid of!” Does this mean that other lives participated in arranging Dafa practitioners’ cultivation paths?

Arrangements by the Old Forces

Actually I did not dare to think like this in the past. Master has told us many times that the old forces have their own arrangements.

In my opinion, everything was arranged in its entirety for each practitioner, including the time and date we are born, when we would start practicing Dafa, whom we come across, our family, what we experience, our attachments, as well as interference that might prevent us from obtaining the Fa. There is no coincidence for a practitioner from the day he or she is born. Everything was arranged by the old forces.

Then, do the old forces make arrangements just as they please? I don’t think so, because the Fa in the old universe does not allow them to do that.

Nothing is Simple

Falun Dafa practitioners owed debts to lives at different realms when they descended to this world, and they accumulated karma as they reincarnated many times in this world.

The bad thing is that practitioners acquired warped notions and thoughts, as well as corrupt substances that were generated from committing wrongdoing. The accumulated thought karma and corrupt substances are responsible for committing wrongdoing before obtaining the Fa. The old forces enlarged and enhanced these notions and attachments, making it more difficult to obtain the Fa, to cultivate, to be saved, to validate Dafa during the Fa-rectification, and to fulfill one’s prehistoric vows.

Dafa practitioners’ cultivation process corresponds to the saving of higher realms in the universe. Such complex arrangements are beyond our imagination. but it relates to getting rid of attachments. Sometimes it is difficult to discard an attachment, and sometimes it seems as if we cannot fully eliminate an attachment. I think this relates to the old forces’ arrangements, as well as the progress of the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

Do not be disheartened. We must keep righteous thoughts and persevere in getting rid of attachments.

Every Step Is Critical

I have felt discouraged on many occasions, because I still have some ill thoughts and attachments even after practicing for so long. But I will follow Master's teaching by studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and talking to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Whatever happens, we must cultivate diligently.

I personally enlightened that it has significant meaning to cultivate to the end. It will be truly a great consummation. Every step in reaching that is critical, and no one should slack off. One cannot relax in cultivation, even if one has done much to save sentient beings.

The old forces keep an eye on every practitioner and do not hesitate to take advantage of any loophole. We must set strict requirements for each thought, be humble, and cultivate diligently to the end. It is significant beyond measure.