(Minghui.org) Given the indoctrination by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its pollution of the mind, many practitioners in mainland China tend to go to extremes with anything they do.

The flaws that have arisen when promoting Shen Yun overseas are just some examples. The Minghui editorial article pointed out these problems. It is time for us to face issues that arise from us overdoing things and correct ourselves.

All Falun Dafa practitioners should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Some practitioners are always in a rush when they read the Fa or clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, especially after they had made mistakes or when they have fallen behind in cultivation. They believe that when they rush they can make up for their mistakes and catch up. But they often pay attention to the amount of time they spent or how much they accomplished, but not the quality of Fa study or truth-clarification. Rushing will not have good results, and is not sustainable in the long run.

2. We find that some practitioners are strict with others. Their intention is not to help others improve in their cultivation. Instead, they use Master's words to criticize others, measure and judge them based on their understanding. They tend to blame others, as well as complain, when running into problems.

3. Indulgence is another problem. When these practitioners fail to pass a test, they tend to look for excuses, which could result in falling down even further. Many people keep making mistakes. They fail to treat Master's compassion seriously and miss this opportunity to make up for their mistakes.

4. Some practitioners are self-centered. They do not pay attention to cell phone security. This is an issue that has been discussed among practitioners for many years. It is not that these practitioners do not understand the issues at hand. They simply believe that their understanding or the way they use cell phones are better than that of others, and more important than Dafa truths.

When fellow practitioners point out that a certain way of using a cell phone is not safe, they respond “so and so has been doing this for many years, and never had problems,” or “Master will protect me, because I am trying to use the cell phone this way to save people,” and so on.

Correcting Flaws

One characteristics of the indoctrination by the Party is extreme selfishness. The party acts glorious at the surface level, but deep inside, it is phony, evil, and violent. Every attachment of Chinese practitioners has a root in the Chinese indoctrination. The process of cultivation is the process of recognizing these attachments, developing righteous thoughts, and correct these flaws.

A cultivator should consider others' needs first, and treat everyone with compassion. Moreover, a cultivator should prioritize his or her actions based on the Fa.

If we retain the Party indoctrination, our human notions will deepen, and we will often believe that we are right even when we go to extremes. When we get attached to our notion and are mired in selfishness, we are stuck in what the Party wanted to achieve through brainwashing techniques. How can we possibly cultivate and get rid of attachments?

Different Cultivation States

I used to judge practitioners articles published on the Minghui website. I realized that I should not do this, as practitioners are in different cultivation states, their understanding differs, and the way we do things are different.

Sometimes, I looked down on fellow practitioners, especially when I felt that what they did was not based on the Fa. Now, I realize that I had the attachment to myself, and my jealousy had not been eliminated due to my lack of understanding of the Fa.

Master Set up Model for Practitioners

I am often touched by Master’s Fa. Master never uses extreme tones to criticize us. Before I had a notion that only Master is at that level, and I cannot reach that high a level. Now I understand that Master set up a model for us, and tells us how to change from an ordinary person into a divine being. If one cultivates in Dafa, one will be able to reach that high level. Why should we follow Master’s teaching? Do we really have solid belief in Master and Dafa.

We often get stuck on a specific issue, criticize and blame fellow practitioners, and hold on to our own notions. Very few of us are able to give constructive suggestions compassionately. Should we not follow the Fa, cultivate ourselves, and consider others needs first?

There are millions of Falun Dafa practitioners. Together, we have enormous power. The behavior or thoughts of ours that deviate from the Fa must be eliminated. Let us cultivate rationally, and not go to extremes. Let us keep righteous thoughts at all times.