(Minghui.org) Many Falun Gong practitioners were recently arrested in my area. We know that this was not accidental, since everything practitioners experience happens for a reason. This tells me that we need to look within and find out how we can improve.

Personal Cultivation

In my understanding, many young practitioners have technical skills that may be lacking in some of the older generation. Thus, they spend a lot of time purchasing consumables, producing materials, maintaining equipment, or rescuing detained practitioners. It is good that they are involved in so many things that are needed for the Falun Gong truth clarification efforts. However, they are too busy to find enough time for Fa-study or doing the exercises.

It is obvious that these practitioners have done very well in taking on responsibilities. But, when they are too busy to calm down and study the Fa, they may have developed human notions without realizing it. When we do not act based on the Fa, the old forces can easily take advantage of our loopholes.

Consideration in Order

There are times when practitioners ask for help whenever they run into a problem, especially when it concerns computers or printers. As practitioners, we know nothing is accidental and we must look within to improve our xinxing. Thus, once we recognize our human notions and improve our mind nature, the problems can be resolved.

Nonetheless, some practitioners, including elderly practitioners, tend to bring their computers to those more skilled during times of the slightest malfunction, or visit fellow practitioners without notice. This can create an inconvenience to fellow practitioners and might arouse suspicion by neighbors.

We hope these practitioners can be more considerate of others. Let us learn how to resolve problems and do not add too much of a burden onto others. This would create enough time for Fa-study and doing the exercises.

Security Issues

Most practitioners who were recently arrested use cell phones a lot. In fact, police monitored and tracked the cell phones to locate these practitioners before arresting them.

Cell phones have become part of our lives. Thus, some practitioners always carry them and often discuss issues next to or on the cell phone. This has created serious security issues given the current technology and intense suppression in China.

This is not the first time that practitioners’ cell phones were tracked by police which led to arrests. Many articles on the Minghui website have also discussed this topic. We should learn from this lesson and correct our actions.

From Master's Fa lectures, we learn that we need to validate the Fa with rationality, and not by human notions, which should be let go of through cultivation.

Delegation and Mentoring

Many practitioners write or print words on paper currency telling people the facts about Falun Gong. This process is time-consuming because some dirty bills need to be cleaned, dried, and ironed before printing on them.

Only a few practitioners know this procedure, and they are doing this function for their fellow practitioners. It would be beneficial if we train more practitioners to do this procedure. This would allocate the workload properly, help fellow practitioners be more independent, and reduce the safety risk.

We know that our skills and wisdom came from Master, and that once our cultivation improves, it will make things easier.

Eliminating Barriers

Some practitioners have strong attachments, such as showing-off, egoism, or lack any sense for security. After warning these practitioners many times with little result, some coordinators may give up and no longer pay much attention to them. This could be one reason why practitioners were recently arrested.

I remember seeing one program in last year's Shen Yun performance. After a police officer beat a practitioner, he fell to the ground and ended up with a broken leg. The practitioner tried to carry him to a safe place, but the officer continued to beat him. In the end, the officer was moved by his kindness and stopped.

If we practitioners have such compassion for police officers, why could we not have the same degree or greater compassion for fellow practitioners?

By working together and improving as one body, we can save more people.