(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners' efforts to talk about Falun Gong to the Chinese people are paying off. Upon hearing the truth about this cultivation practice, many police officers and 610 Office staff members changed their negative attitude towards Falun Gong.

610 Office Staff Felt Confused and Pained

An officer from the 610 Office in Shandong recently wrote to the Minghui website.

“Based on my observation and interaction with Falun Gong practitioners,” said the officer, “I found that Falun Gong teaches people to become a better person and provides positive energy.”

He said that the communist party's propaganda demonized Falun Gong and deceived the Chinese people. This confused him and he felt quite pained about this.

“Please, can you tell me how to get in touch with you?” asked the man.

Police Officer: “Persecution policies are nonsense”

When a practitioner walked home after work, he met up with a local police officer. They chatted for a while.

The officer asked, “Do you know that after Officer B harassed Falun Gong practitioners, he suffered paralysis while at work within about one week?”

“I feel sorry for him,” said the practitioner. “We all know that practitioners are innocent. Even Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese communist regime, is facing lawsuits for persecuting Falun Gong. I had heard that Officer B was very aggressive in his mistreatment of practitioners.”

B was taken to the provincial hospital. He is still paralyzed and bedridden and loses consciousness from time to time.

The practitioner said that the suppression was wrong. “Practitioners should have the freedom of belief. Also, suing Jiang Zemin for his crimes is a right, protected by law. When people, such as B, violate the law by harassing innocent practitioners, they have to face consequences. This is a universal law.”

The local officer agreed, “The Chinese Communist regime's persecution policies are nonsense. It is time to stop them.”

Why Are You Still Doing Silly Things?

A practitioner in Hunan Province visited a store in late 2015 to buy some electronic parts he needed for the installation of a NTD television receiver. When he paid for the merchandise, a policeman walked into the store.

“Look, this person is a Falun Gong practitioner,” said the cashier to the police officer, pointing at the money in his hand. “There are many words on the paper currency, such as 'stop persecuting Falun Gong,' and '200,000 people have sued Jiang Zemin.'”

“This is not my responsibility,” said the officer.

The practitioner said to the cashier, “We tell you the facts about Falun Gong for your own good. Even police officers know what to do now. Why are you still doing silly things?”

After the officer left the store, the cashier apologized to the practitioner, “I'm sorry, I was wrong.”