(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong before the persecution began, over 17 years ago. My son read Falun Gong books at that time and and has always had a positive attitude towards the practice even though did not practice himself.

A Terrible Accident

On July 9, 2000, my son and his colleague went out for a motorcycle ride around 10:00 p.m. My son was driving and his friend rode behind him on the seat. There was a truck in the oncoming lane with its highlights on. The truck's headlights were so intense that my son was temporarily blinded and couldn't read the road signs – especially the one warning of a sharp curve ahead. Unaware of the turn, he didn't slow down and lost control of the motorcycle. They crashed into a short stone pillar by the roadside. He and his colleague were thrown a great distance along the side of the road, and both lost consciousness.

His colleague came to first and realized that they'd had an accident. He called my son but did not get a response. Unable to walk, he crawled over to my son, who was lying on the ground, still unconscious. He then crawled to the roadside to get help.

No cars stopped, so my son's friend crawled to a nearby village and knocked on the door of a house that still had its lights on. It was the home of the village's security director. My son's colleague told the security director about the accident and asked for help. The director gathered a few other villagers and they went to the accident scene with a motor tricycle. They drove my son to the nearest hospital. By this time it was well past 3:00 a.m.

“Don't Worry, I'll Be Alright”

My husband and I didn't recognize our son after we rushed to the Intensive Care Unit. His face has severe abrasions. Three of his four limbs were broken. Yet his first words to us were, “Don't worry. I'll be alright, as I believe that Master Li will save me.”

By the next afternoon, our son's abdomen had swelled higher than his chest. Doctors presumed that he had internal bleeding and decided on surgery to find the source of the bleeding. They discovered that his spleen had been ruptured, and removed the spleen.

Our son nearly died after the surgery, and the doctors felt that nothing more could be done to save him. Upon our strong request, the hospital contacted an expert from another hospital. This doctor rushed to the hospital within 30 minutes, and diagnosed our son as having lipid clotting in his blood. He conducted immediate treatment. Our son gradually revived 24 hours later.

An Amazing Recovery

He stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for 25 days before undergoing more surgery to set his broken limbs. He stayed in the ICU for a total of one month. The doctors and nurses in the unit commented that he was the most critically injured patient there, but he recovered the fastest.

Our son did not need crutches even though three limbs were broken. He resumed his job within less than six months. Those who did not know about the accident couldn't tell that he'd had such a major accident. His quick recovery from the severe injuries caused a big stir in the local medical community and in my son's work unit.

During a routine physical exam in 2003, a substance measuring one to two inches long was found in the location of his former spleen. A doctor said it was a spleen substitute. It was found to have grown larger in 2004. A 2015 examination showed that a brand new spleen had been regenerated. The doctors familiar with his case were stunned, and exclaimed, “Impossible!”

We are so grateful to Falun Gong for our son's marvelous recovery. Even though he doesn't practice Falun Gong, he has always maintained a positive attitude about the practice. As a result, he experienced Master Li's compassion.

Thank you, Master Li.