(Minghui.org) Ms. Li Xing, 44, teaches art at the Fengcheng No. 2 High School in Liaoning Province.

Because Ms. Li practices Falun Gong, she was arrested on November 10, 2015 by more than 10 officers from the Dandong City Police Department. Her home was also ransacked. She is currently detained at the Dandong Detention Center, awaiting trial.

The Fengcheng Procuratorate and the Fengcheng Court tried to schedule Ms. Li's trial secretly in January 2016 in hopes of having her sentenced before the Chinese Lunar New Year. Her family, however, hired a human rights lawyer from Beijing to take on her case, so the court had to defer the trial until after the New Year.

Ms. Li told her lawyer on January 20, 2016, that the police had deceived her into giving a testimony. They had promised to release her if she admitted to distributing informational flyers and talking to people about Falun Gong. Her testimony was used as evidence against her instead.

Ms. Li's husband was also arrested on the same day, even though he does not practice Falun Gong. He was interrogated and released.

It has been difficult for Ms. Li's family since her arrest. Her mother-in-law suffers from cerebellar atrophy and cannot take care of herself. She had been relying on Ms. Li to care for her. Furthermore, Ms. Li's husband recently had a heart attack and cannot take care of his mother or the children.

Prior to her arrest Ms. Li was being monitored by the local police for an extended period. Hua Jiqiang, the director of the 610 Office in Fengcheng admitted, “We have wanted to arrest her for some time.”

Parties responsible for persecuting Ms. Li:Li Hongquan (李洪泉), deputy secretary of the Fengcheng Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-415-8122826 (Office), +86-13591529336 (Cell), +86-415-8126046 (Home)Hua Jiqiang (花吉强), director of the 610 Office: +86-415-8158680 (Office), +86-13841562633 (Cell)Pan Shuqin (潘淑琴), presiding judge of the Criminal Chamber of Fengcheng Municipal Court: +86-415-2277672 (Office), +86-13898519866 (Cell)Tang Jinfeng (唐金凤), Fengcheng City Procuratorate Prosecution Division:+86-415-6276231 (Office)Wang Zhengjin (王政金), captain of the Fengcheng Public Security Bureau's National Security Brigade: +86-13941532188 (Cell), +86-415-8133986 (Office)Yu Faxue (于法学), deputy director of Caohe Police Station: +86-415-8299299 (Office), +86-13942556520 (Cell), +86-415-8122810 (Home)