(Minghui.org) At some point in my life, I began to ponder the meaning of life, mankind's purpose, and the connections between me and others and the universe. I wanted to know who I was in this vast universe, and where I was heading.

I wasn't able to accept that good people often suffer and that those who hurt others and commit crimes could live well. I often asked myself, “Why are there all these injustices? Is there really a higher truth? Is there a higher power? Why can't we find order for all men and things? Why are some people mistreated and the evildoers don't even feel any guilt?” I told myself that perhaps the consequences may come when we least expect, or may manifest in ways that we can't comprehend. It is thus hard for us to see, among the complexities of this world, how things are connected and which punishment is related to which sin.

Yet somehow I still felt that an omnipresent undetectable force governed everything. Every action is restrained by a simple yet profound law: the things we do dictate our future. The upright exists alongside the darkness in this world. The evil is constantly clashing with the righteous.

When I was 32, I began my search for the truth. Of the many books I read, only Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzhi answered my questions – questions I had for a long time. This book contains the main teachings of Falun Dafa and explains the principles of how to cultivate oneself.

From the book, I understand that universal principles indeed exist in the universe: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. By following these principles, we will restore our morality and virtue. This is how we become good people. And after we become better people, we will find the truth we have been seeking and eventually restore our true, good nature.

This book tells us to always be honest, to look for our mistakes when conflicts arise, and to never retaliate when hit or cursed.

I learned that a law exists in this universe: people who do good are rewarded and evildoers are punished. The punishment may not manifest immediately, but it surely will happen. After I understood the negative consequences of doing bad things, I held higher standards for myself. I sought to constantly improve my character so that I could avoid doing bad things.

I know that all disease and misfortune in our lives are the consequence of bad things we have done, the wrong stands we took, and for not knowing our true purpose. These things happen for a reason, and most of the time they are consequences of what we have done.

I changed my lifestyle to become a practitioner. Or I should say, becoming a practitioner changed my lifestyle. I began to see my own shortcomings, including selfishness, jealousy, and impatience.

I knew that if I didn’t get rid of these bad traits, I would continue to ruin my health and my interpersonal relationships. It was hard to get along with people before I practiced Falun Dafa. However, I learned that often conflicts with others stem from our minds. Many people haven’t realized this and try to change the outside world instead of themselves. In the end the problems remain and the resentment eventually ruins things in our lives, such as our health. Falun Dafa asks us to look within, which allows us to not only see our shortcomings, but also helps us resolve the causes of the troubles we come across.

To eradicate my selfishness I try to be considerate, to look for the cause of the conflicts on my part instead of looking at others' shortcomings, and to be kind and open. This is not easy. It takes a lot of strength and willpower, and I still fail at times. I know this is part of cultivation. If you make a mistake you correct it, move forward and make sure that you don't make the same mistake again.

I know that if I change, the world around me will change too. By following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance there will be internal and external peace. As long as I know who I am and what my mission in life is, many things seem easy to resolve.

Besides improving my moral character, Falun Dafa also teaches five simple exercises that strengthen the physical health and boost energy. I used to be ill all the time. I had heart problems, arthritis, tonsillitis, and scarlet fever when I was a child. As I grew older I suffered from bronchitis and chronic gastritis. I was always tired, sleepy and depressed.

My ailments disappeared through doing the five Falun Dafa exercises. I feel more comfortable and energetic than ever before and I am always in a good mood. I am very thankful for having discovered Falun Dafa, and for the wonderful things it has brought to my life.