(Minghui.org) I have been detained seven times since the persecution of Falun Gong started in July 1999, yet I was sent to prison only once. Each time, I tried my best to tell the police, guards and other detainees about the practice and the persecution. Thus, I was able to avoid many of their attempts to imprison me.

The Power of Truth-Clarification

About one year after I was bailed out from a detention center, an officer from our local police station called me. He told me that I had to go there for a “discussion” with a sergeant from the district police. He hinted that I should be careful with my words, otherwise they would use the interview as “evidence” to imprison me.

They had set up a video camera and started recording when I entered the police station. I had no fear in my heart because I knew that Teacher was looking after me. I smiled to the camera and believed that this was a good opportunity to tell both the people there and those who would watch the video later about Falun Gong.

The sergeant entered the room with a most frightful expression on his face, and the atmosphere turned rather tense. I was initially at a loss for words when he asked me why I wanted to practice Falun Gong, but when I got my thoughts together I talked for nearly two hours. I told them one cultivation experience after another. Gradually, the environment changed and their facial expressions became more relaxed.

I told them that Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I also spoke of the benefits experienced by practitioners and non-practitioners that held a positive attitude towards the practice.

I walked out of the police station with my head held high and without having faced any problems.

This helped me realize that I do not have to be afraid of the police. They are human and I am a practitioner walking on the path to divinity. I am here to save them, not to be persecuted.

The police tried to sentence me six times. They came to my house, arrested me and took me to a detention center. I was not frightened and was always released because of a medical condition.

The Authorities Violate Chinese Law

My son wanted to protect me by paying bribes to the officers in charge to get me out of detention. I tried to make him understand that he should not pay the police anything.

“We must have faith in Teacher and the Fa,” I told him. “If I use money to pull strings it means that I don't believe in my Teacher. No divine beings would then protect me.”

It took a while for him to understand my reasoning. However, when I was released by the detention center repeatedly, he started to believe that what I said was the truth.

When the local authorities wanted to detain me again, I decided to leave home for a while to avoid being arrested. However, my son had signed a guarantee that he would keep me in town, and the penalty if I left was thousands of yuan.

We discussed the issue, and I told him that the persecution was evil, that practitioners had not violated any laws, and that he should not pay any money to the police because they would just use it to persecute other practitioners.

I knew that they dared not ask for the money openly because it is extortion. Also, if they knew that he was willing to give them money, they would repeat this tactic and extort more money from him.

He understood that it was the authorities that were violating the law and not practitioners. He said that the Chinese Communist Party is evil and he would support his mother to oppose the persecution.

I wrote a letter and asked my son to give it to the police when they came to our house. He read the letter to them, and they didn't mention the penalty at all. He told them that he was not going to be responsible for me any more. Thus, the police no longer harassed him.

After some time my son told me, “I knew you couldn't fail the medical examinations by yourself. Your Teacher was protecting you.”

I Told the Judge about Falun Gong

When I was taken to court one time, the presiding judge of my case wanted to talk to me. I let go of my fear and focused on telling her about Falun Gong and the persecution.

It came as a surprise to me that she hadn't even heard of the 610 Office. After I finished telling her about the persecution, she asked me what she should do.

I told her to be kind to practitioners and help them in any way she could. She then asked me how she could help me, especially since she could lose her job if she didn't follow the decision made by higher officials.

I told her to just do whatever she could, as long as she positioned herself right, divine beings would know it.

She tried to help me by talking to the president of the court and asked for favors from some of her colleagues. But she was unsuccessful. She took medical leave when the court announced the verdict as she did not want to be part of the proceedings.

I was sentenced to a lengthy prison term, but it was not carried out because of my poor health.

Police Officer: “By Looking at You, I Can See that Falun Gong is Good.”

I was taken to a detention center after being arrested with some other practitioners. We had to wait at the main gate while the officer looked for someone to open it.

Standing and looking at the detention center without any fear or human thoughts, I felt time was frozen and I was growing taller and taller until the detention center looked so small. Nothing could disturb my heart. I could only see the world and me.

Master said,

“All of this is merely to use the evil’s performance to solidify Dafa and remove cultivators’ fundamental attachments so as to free cultivators from the shackles of humanness and karma.” (“Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts,” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The officer returned and looked at me for a while. Finally, he said, “By looking at you, I can see that Falun Gong is good.”

The officials at the detention center refused to accept me. This was the last time I was taken to a detention center.