(Minghui.org) I’m a 75-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. My daily routine includes clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa in my neighborhood, and I also attempt to persuade people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Reported and Taken to a Police Station

I headed toward a small market one day after breakfast. There were many shops and stalls, and I popped in and out to tell people about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Everyone read carefully the Dafa informational flyers I handed them, and many quit their memberships in the Party.

At a seed store I met the store owner. Like others, he agreed to quit the CCP after I explained what Falun Dafa was about and why people should quit. However, I did not notice that a village cadre, who appeared to be in her 40s, had followed me. She reported me to the local police station.

I bought a few packs of vegetable seeds and left the shop. A police car then pulled over behind me, and maybe half-a-dozen police officers got out of the car and started to search me.

They snatched my bag, which was full of the informational materials. The officers looked pleased with themselves because in their minds they found evidence of the “crime” I had committed.

In the end, I was dragged into their car, although I resisted. In the car, I kept sending righteous thoughts and asked Master Li Hongzhi to stop the police from persecuting me. I also wanted them to be aware that they were committing a crime by arresting and persecuting me.

I knew if I rectified myself in the Fa and did everything a Dafa disciple should do, Master would help me.

Heaven Will Soon Punish Evil Doers

It was close to lunch time when we arrived at the station. There, I was taken to another room. These same officers now looked less vicious than they did moments before. They even asked me if I would like to go to lunch with them.

I kept a straight face. “I will not eat the food offered by you,” I said. “As a police officer, you are forgetful of your duties to hunt those who steal, rob, deceive, and corrupt. Instead, you are only interested in hunting those of us who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance—we who try our best to be good people.”

I raised my voice a little more. “Don’t you know that the monsters who have instilled and prolonged this persecution, those who gave their unlawful orders to persecute Dafa, will meet with karmic retribution from heaven very soon?”

“You know,” I added, “good is always rewarded, and evil always meets with retribution. It’s only a question of time. How dare you still help the wicked perpetuate bad deeds! Wake up now, you stubborn men!”

They decided to leave me alone in the room. I noticed that the door was not locked, so I walked out of the room and headed toward the front gate of the police station. No one stopped me, so I just decided to keep walking in the direction of my home.

Police Officers Take Me Home

Shortly after that, the police officers showed up next to me in their car. They insisted on taking me home because of my old age and because I had not eaten lunch. I was not afraid, and I got into their car while still sending righteous thoughts. I asked Master to help me so I could help these police officers quit the CCP.

When we arrived at the front of my house, I invited them in and offered them some tea, and snacks. At the same time, I warned them not to act recklessly in terms of ransacking my house. Then, I just talked about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I urged them to see the issue from all angles and to consider how their choices affected their families.

“There is no time to be lost,” I said. “Why not quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations now? Only by doing so can you secure a safe and wonderful future for yourselves and your families.”

Police Officers Renounce the CCP

They looked at one another in dismay, so I turned to them with ever more focus. “With our revered Master's immense grace, all sentient beings will be saved,” I said. “What Master looks at is our true hearts. In order to gain a bright future and keep you away from the evil, would you like me to use pseudonyms or nicknames instead of your real names when you withdraw your memberships from the CCP?”

Four police officers quit the Party by using pseudonyms, and one officer insisted on quitting with his real name. I made sure to ask them to return the materials and Dafa amulets they had confiscated.

Thanks for Master’s Infinite Grace

After they left, I knelt before the image of Master with tears in my eyes and my hands pressed firmly together. I thanked Master for having resolved my tribulations and saving those five lives.

Although there can be no way for me to repay Master’s infinite grace, the only thing I can do is to keep going with that same heart I had at the beginning of my cultivation practice, study the Falun Dafa books diligently, do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and tell people about Dafa and this unprecedented persecution.