(Minghui.org) In the process of clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa to the public, I have met many people who have had a predestined relationships with this spiritual practice.

An Elderly Couple Quits the Party

When I was handing out Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs at a square, I met an older couple. The husband was in his 80s. When he saw the DVDs, he became very excited. He told me that he was in a dance company when he was young.

He also talked about his experiences in his youth during the many Chinese Communist Party (CCP) political movements. He spoke of the cruel tactics perpetrated by the CCP and its policy of deceiving people. This had caused him much mental trauma because he wanted to be a kind person. Because he could openly share his feelings with me, he was very excited and talkative.

We discussed the principle of “doing good is rewarded and doing evil is punished,” the lies practiced by the CCP, and how it has persecuted Falun Dafa.

I told him that Dafa teaches people to be kind, and that it has spread throughout the world to more than 100 countries. There are many cities where they celebrate Mr. Li Hongzhi (the founder of the practice) on World Falun Dafa Day, where Mr. Li is honored for introducing such an ancient cultivation practice to the public.

I also said that Dafa is highly respected by people worldwide and that the crimes the CCP has committed will be punished by heaven. I mentioned that it is important to know that only when there is no CCP can China have a bright future.

In the end, he quit the CCP. I asked him to recite often “Falun Dafa is good! Truthful-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” I wished him good fortune, and added that one day the truth will be revealed.

During our conversation, he talked about his favorite singer Guan Guimin. He felt sorry that he had not heard anything about him for quite a while. I told him that some of Mr. Guan Guimin's performances were recorded on the CD that I had given him.

I also said that Mr. Guan has been performing for the Shen Yun company. Before we said our goodbyes, I asked him to meet me a few days later so that I could pass on more information about Mr. Guan Guimin and his DVDs. I asked him to bring his wife as well.

When we met, we had another very nice conversation. His wife also agreed to quit the CCP. Both of them said that they would remember to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthful-Compassion-Forbearance is good” when running into calamities.

A Talkative Driver

When I took a cab to the airport, I met a driver who was very talkative. He asked me if he could smoke.

I complimented him for thinking of others’ needs first and told him that this was a good thing. I then talked about the kindness in the Buddha School. When our conversation got deeper, he said, “I totally agree with what you said, but I have a different opinion about Falun Dafa.”

I asked him why he held a bad opinion of the practice. It turned out that he thought the staged “self-immolation incident” was real, and he had been misled by other CCP lies as well.

I replied, “The CCP said that the self-immolation happened without warning, but, how then was the entire scene caught on camera from multiple angles? Such different shots require a lot of time to position cameras. Then, within a few hours, the state-controlled media was flooded with reports that the self- immolators were Dafa practitioners.”

He was dumbfounded. I told him the reporters from the China Central Television Station (CCTV) admitted that some of the shots were done after the incident, and that the so-called sudden incident was fabricated to justify the persecution.

“The little girl had severe burn wounds and the doctor said that her trachea had been cut open so that she could breathe,” I added. “However, in the sterile ward, the reporter did not wear any quarantine clothes, and the little girl was still singing a song in a clear voice.”

I then talked about the different waves of terror the CCP had perpetrated when it came to power and how the CCP has brainwashed its own people. He listened very carefully.

When we arrived at the airport, I had not yet asked him to quit the CCP. So, I quickly said, “What I told you is truly for the sake of saving you. I don’t want you to be deceived and then be harmed when those who perpetrate evil are punished.”

He asked me my age, and when he found out I was 43, he was surprised because he thought I looked much younger. He changed his casual tone to a serious one and said, “You must be Mr. Li Hongzhi's disciple.”

I told him that I would give him a pseudonym to help him quit the CCP. He used his real name to quit it.

Kind Thoughts Gives Good Results

When I was getting ready to hand out Shen Yun DVDs. I saw a young man sitting on a bench. I introduced Shen Yun to him.

He told me that he had run into a little trouble. I replied that if his actions were based on kind thoughts, he would receive good results.

I then talked about the decline of today's morality, how the CCP had fabricated the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, and the facts about Dafa, including how it has spread around the world. He listened carefully and asked me a few questions.

Finally, he used the pseudonym that I gave him to quit the CCP.

Before I left, he told me that I was pretty. I told him that one's appearance is only on the surface. If one has internal beauty, one would gain natural beauty. I asked him, “If a woman is good looking, but speaks rudely and is not kind, would you still find her pretty?” He shook his head no.

I said, “I don't know if we will ever meet again, but I wish you a bright future, my friend. Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthful-Compassion-Forbearance is good!’ When you run into a problem, please remember to recite these two sentences often.”

When I left there were tears in his eyes. He looked up at the sky and recited the two sentences. I was so touched.

I truly came to feel the preciousness of Teacher's arrangements. On the path of saving people, when we treat everyone we meet in a selfless way, we are the ones who truly elevate. My understanding is that as long as I listen to Teacher, watch my words and actions during the process of telling people about the facts of Falun Dafa, I will bring the truth of Dafa and the beauty of Truthful-Compassion-Forbearance to people, and my entire being will elevate.