(Minghui.org) My husband used to be addicted to gambling. Before I learned Falun Dafa, I became so angry when he came home after gambling that I would beat him with a stick. Sometimes he yelled at me, but he never fought back.

My husband did not care about me or our children. He just wanted to gamble, and he sometimes stayed away for many days. I did not feel good after beating him, and it made me sad for several days.

I had first patiently tried to persuade him to stop. He agreed, but his addiction was too strong, and he gave into it once he left the house.

My heart eventually ached with disappointment, and I started fighting with him. I cursed at him and told him that I wanted him to die so I could marry someone else who cared about me and did not gamble. He only yelled at me, telling me to get away from him.

Things got worse, and that is when I started beating him when he came home late. I did not even say a word before lashing out at him with the stick. Afterwards, he would behave well for a few days, and would come home after work and help me with the housework. However, he eventually went back to gambling each time.

My Failing Health

As his addiction became worse, my health deteriorated. Ten years into our marriage I had become pale, fatigued, and had a sickly heart. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism. The doctor was concerned about heart failure.

He prescribed medicine, but it weakened my immune system. I caught colds frequently, but if I stopped the medication, my hyperthyroidism worsened. I could hear the whispers from others in the village, “She is going to die before her children are grown.”

I looked at my children in despair, wondering who would take care of them if I died.

Life Renewed

Fortunately I had a very nice neighbor who practiced Falun Dafa. She saw me in my sickly condition and advised me to learn the practice.

I did not believe that Falun Dafa could cure my illness at first, but I had nothing to lose. My children were young, and I was very sick, so why not give it a try?

When I picked up the main book of Falun Dafa, Zhuan Falun, I began reading it, and could not put it down. The principles in the book touched my soul. I understood that there is a reason for everything. I made up my mind to cultivate myself as a true Dafa disciple. I studied the Fa and exercised every day, and my health and temperament improved daily.

Now, when my husband comes home after gambling, I no longer beat him. I cook dinner for him, and we eat together. Sometimes I hand him Zhuan Falun. He often opens it and reads a few pages.

My husband has begun to change – a little at a time. He now comes home after work and reads Zhuan Falun for a bit, and he even helps me with the chores. He cares more about me and our children. And he also quit smoking cigarettes – another strong addiction of his.

Our home is now peaceful, and full of love and harmony. I thank Master Li from deep in my heart. Falun Dafa is great!