(Minghui.org) I am from Jinan City, Shandong Province, and I am 54 years old. For 10 years, my husband and I were very busy in running our business until I experienced health issues in 2009. I was diagnosed with cancer, and despite surgery my condition worsened.

I often came down with a fever and had no appetite. After I lost a lot of weight, I went to the provincial hospital for a check up and was diagnosed with cancer. I had to undergo surgery, during which my gallbladder, duodenum, as well as half my pancreas were removed.

After the surgery my condition worsened and I suffered from many symptoms. I could not eat well, my chest swelled, and I had a continuous hiccup. The aftereffect of chemotherapy included vomiting. I could not straighten my back because of the surgical incision. It was so painful that I was hoping to die.

Sole Hope: Practicing Dafa

When I was at my worst, I remembered Falun Dafa. I had come across it in 1999 and still remembered that it required one to be a good person. Besides it was said that a practitioner could recover from illnesses.

I had stopped practicing after the Party had banned the practice on July 20, 1999 and launched its persecution. I realized that practicing Dafa might be my only hope.

Immediately, I contacted a practitioner who could teach me the exercises. It was tough at the beginning. Every time when I tried to do the exercises, I would throw up. I had to take a break after every movement. It was extremely painful when I did the meditation. However, I was determined to continue. Gradually, I could do the exercises longer. My health improved and I stopped taking medication, as well as the chemotherapy.

Power of Dafa

Then, I had a stomachache and I could not eat anything for three days. After the three days, I felt I had recovered and was hungry. I had two big pancakes, and no longer felt any pain.

Six months went by, and I was a changed person. The cancer had disappeared, as well as the other conditions, including my arthritis, frozen shoulder, migraine and gastritis. I gained weight and returned to my old healthy self.

After six years of practicing Dafa I no longer worried about any illness. I survived, and even thrived. My family and people in my village witnessed my changes and recovery after I practiced Dafa.