1. Running Right Smack into a Police Officer

It was September 2009 when I worked as a sales associate with a computer technology company. I went into the city one day to meet with customers in a building over 30 stories high. Before I left, I gave the customers some truth clarification CDs.

A couple of days later, I paid the customers a follow-up visit. On the 27th floor, a security officer intercepted me and demanded to see my ID.

I said, “I am a sales representative, here on official business. I am not a criminal. Why do you need to check my ID?”

The officer retorted, “If you don’t have your ID, you can’t conduct business here. Leave the building at once.”

As I started to leave, I overheard him say into his walkie-talkie, “Somebody wearing a blue shirt and carrying a black computer bag is coming down. Have him detained.”Then he used his cell phone to call the police.

I was a little nervous and wondered, “What should I do?”

I sent forth a strong righteous thought and called out to Master, “Master, I’m in a jam, please help me. I give people truth clarification CDs to save them. That should not be interfered with by the old forces. Please reinforce me with supernatural power. I will disintegrate the evil beings and factors in other dimensions that are controlling the evildoers.”

But how would I get downstairs? To avoid detection by surveillance cameras in the elevators, I took the stairs.

I knew there were only two possible ways to get out of the building. I found the exit door on the east side locked, so I went to the west side, but noticed in the distance a security guard checking somebody’s bag.

I knew right away it was not safe to exit. So I turned around and found the entrance to an adjacent building. There I collected myself, sent forth righteous thoughts, and waited for an opportunity.

When I went to the west entrance to check again, I saw a police vehicle just driving up.

A thought came to me, “Find a place to hide my black computer bag.”

The police didn’t know what I looked like. Without the bag, there would be less to identify me with. I knew the thought came from Master.

I looked around and discovered a storage room. I hid my bag there.

When I walked toward the exit, I walked right smack into the police officer from the police vehicle. I kept my righteous thoughts and remained calm. There was not even a trace of fear in my heart.

The officer walked by me, as if he didn’t even see me.

That boosted my confidence. I felt enveloped by a strong energy. I walked briskly toward the west exit.

Just then, a commercial truck was trying to gain entrance and the security guard was too busy letting the truck in to pay attention to me. I knew it was Master sending help my way. I left the area without a confrontation.

Thank you, Master!

2. Breaking Out of the Police Station in Handcuffs

Early in the evening on April 17, 2010, I went with several practitioners to distribute Dafa materials to towns in surrounding counties.

My mental state was not in accordance with Dafa. I set out on that sacred mission with attachments to showing off, doing a job, and proving myself.

The evil forces took full advantage of my gaps, and I was arrested along with the two male and two female practitioners.

The five of us were locked up in the local police station. Later that evening, the county police and personnel from the local 610 Office and from the Domestic Security Team showed up. They hit and kicked all the male practitioners. Deputy chief Tang handcuffed my hands behind my back and kicked my left ankle repeatedly.

I said to him as he kicked me, “We have not broken any law. Our Constitution guarantees all citizens freedom of belief. That is our basic right. Falun Gong has not done anything wrong. It is Jiang Zemin who is persecuting Falun Gong. The Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a hoax manufactured by Jiang and his cohorts in order to stir up people’s hatred toward Falun Gong.”

Tang ignored me, grabbed my hands, and yanked them sharply upwards, causing me severe pain. It felt as if my shoulders were being twisted out of their sockets.

I was put through that torture the entire night.

Toward morning, they finally let me down. I needed to go to the toilet and asked that they take my handcuffs off, so they handcuffed me in the front.

By then, the police were all tired from torturing us. They put the five of us in an activity room with two ping pong tables, left two guards to watch us, and went off to bed.

The two guards were also worn out, so before long, they put their heads on the ping pong tables and fell asleep.

The five of us conferred quietly. We decided we needed to leave. We would walk out of the police station with our righteous thoughts.

We sent forth righteous thought for half an hour and asked Master to help us.

It was then about 7 a.m. The two guards were sleeping so soundly that nothing could have awakened them. We tried turning the doorknob and were able to open the door wide enough for us to get through.

Once we were safely outside the police station, we went our separate ways.

We later learned that fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts for us throughout the night in close proximity to the police station.

It started to rain and got very foggy. I knew it was Master providing us with cover.

I walked as fast as I could until I got to a small hill covered with thick bushes and lush vegetation. I rested there, knowing I would be safe. I sat down to send forth righteous thought and adjust my state of mind.

How could I safely maneuver my long trek home with handcuffs on and when I didn’t even know in what direction to go? Who could I safely explain my situation to when most people have been poisoned by the communist party?

To ensure I was going in the right direction, I sought help from several passersby who, when they noticed my handcuffs, were either suspicious or downright hostile.

I decided I would not depend on anybody except Master.

A plan came to mind. I pretended to be very cold and put my hands into the opposite sleeves so that people could not see the handcuffs.

Finally, two kind individuals pointed me in the right direction.

When I heard a train close by, I decided to leave the highways and byways and walk along the railroad tracks. I believed the tracks would provide better security and be a shorter route. Police vehicles driving on the roads would not see me. That would also mean I could arrive at my destination before daybreak the following day.

Still, following the tracks was not easy. Sometimes they led me into the marshes and I would be caked with mud. It was pouring rain the whole time, so I was soaked through. The heavy rain and the dense fog did, however, give me protection and make me feel safe.

Despite the relative safety, I did run into some near misses.

After I had walked about 15 miles, I arrived at a railway freight transit station and ran into a railway marshal.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded. “We don’t allow pedestrians to walk along our tracks.”

At once, I sought Master’s help.

The marshal continued, “I won’t ask for your identification this time, but leave now.

I thanked Master for saving me yet again.

It was about 8:30 p.m. and almost dark. I had followed the railroad tracks for a long time. In fact, I had reached the end of the tracks and come up to a muddy river embankment.

I couldn’t find any way out of the chain link enclosure in the pitch blackness and started to panic. What to do? I called out to Master for help, which came promptly.

I looked up and saw a sign on the fence prohibiting people from entering. Right below the sign, I spied a hole. Outside was a path.

Tears filled my eyes in gratitude to Master.

I crawled through the hole and stepped onto the path that would lead me to familiar territory.

It was about 10 p.m. Master arranged for a cab to pick me up. On the way, I clarified the truth to the driver and shared my recent persecution experience with him.

The cab driver said with much sympathy, “The Party is bad news. I never listen to its propaganda.”

About an hour later, he dropped me off near a practitioner’s residence. The meter showed 80 yuan, I gave the driver 100 yuan, told him to keep the change, and to remember “Falun Dafa is good!”

The driver was grateful for the generous tip. He kept telling me to be careful and to make sure people would not see the handcuffs.

When I got to the practitioner’s house, the practitioner asked for Master’s help and successfully removed my handcuffs with a pair of tweezers.

If it were not of Master’s merciful protection and fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts, I would never have so easily escaped from the tight security of the police station and made it more than 100 miles to safety.

3. Escaping Danger While Distributing Dafa Materials

I went to a neighboring town to distribute Dafa materials with practitioners Aiden and Carter on the evening of May 5, 2010. It was Aiden’s hometown, and we decided ahead of time that Carter and I would do the distributing while Aiden would remain with his motorcycle.

Because we had visited that town just a week before, I’d suggested that perhaps we should go elsewhere since the authorities might have been alerted and might be waiting for our return. But Aiden disagreed.

When we got there, Carter and I had barely started what we set out to do when we heard cars behind us and voices shouting.

“Halt! Stay where you are! Stop those Falun Gong!”

Carter and I quickly ran and hid among the bushes. We sent forth righteous thoughts to stop anyone from coming after us.

Nobody did.

We wondered if they believed they could catch up with us easily enough since we were on foot and so had decided to just go after Aiden on his motorcycle.

We sent forth strong righteous thoughts for a full 20 minutes for Aiden’s safe escape.

Very soon, it was silent all around us and we had a bad premonition. We learned later that Aiden had indeed been caught and was eventually persecuted to death in 2013.

Carter and I continued to send forth righteous thoughts as someone approached with a flashlight. Carter and I held our breath and begged Master to keep us from being discovered.

The flashlight came to within a few feet and went another direction.

We breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Master for His mercy and protection.

We began to think about our next move. Carter thought that we should leave right away, but I thought it was too soon, that the authorities were still nearby.

Another half an hour went by. Sure enough, another flashlight showed up and came dangerously close but, again, turned away and left. We knew we were winning the battle in another dimension.

Not three minutes after that close encounter, it started to pour. Rain came pelting down, with thunder and lightning. It went on for at least half an hour.

When it finally stopped, I said, “Now it is safe for us to leave. I believe the evil forces and their factors in other dimensions have been eliminated.”

Carter recommended that we go back the same way we came so there would be less chance to get lost.

On our trip home, we were still on high alert and continued to send forth righteous thoughts. We ran into many motorcycle patrols along the way. Whenever we saw their lights, we would slip into the shadows.

After about an hour, we got to our destination safely.

4. Avoiding Arrest and Persecution

In September 2014, I was adding truth clarification information to a fellow practitioner’s cell phone in the living room of an upstairs apartment in a suburban residential compound when I was interrupted by loud knocking at the door.

I looked through the peephole and saw a number of police officers outside. I looked out a back window and saw plainclothes officers loitering about.

At the time I had only one thought: “Negate all evil forces. Deny all persecution. Refuse to let the door be opened.”

At the same time, I sought Master’s strength and support to increase my supernatural ability to disintegrate all the evil factors controlling those officers so that they would not do the wrong thing.

I sent forth right thoughts for close to an hour before cleaning up all traces of Dafa books and truth clarification materials in the living room. Then I sent forth righteous thought for another hour until I felt enveloped by strong energy before leaving the premises.

I took the elevator to the ground floor and noticed a police vehicle parked in front of the compound.

I was still filled with righteous thoughts and that strong energy, so I walked out of the building calmly, without any fear or apprehension.

The officers in the vehicle ignored me and I walked away to safety.

These four examples confirm that, if we truly trust Master and Dafa, fortify ourselves with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and consistently look inward to maintain our xinxing, then we can negate any form of persecution and allow Dafa’s might and power to manifest itself.

Through this article, I would like to validate Dafa and to express my deep gratitude to Master.

Thank you, Master, for mercifully watching over me and protecting me.