(Minghui.org) I'm an English teacher. Since I was a young, I have enjoyed studying grammar and finding mistakes in wording. I have even argued with my teachers about grammatical issues. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed finding fault in others as well as in myself. I thought that finding faults was the first step to correcting them and making progress.

This habit made me notice grammatical faults in the Fa when I first began my cultivation. It made me have doubts, even though I knew I wasn't being respectful to Master and Falun Dafa. Higher education had trained me to think “scientifically” and to never follow anything blindly. It made me subconsciously measure Falun Dafa against the scientific notions that I held, and to judge Master's lectures with my grammatical knowledge. It has been an obstacle to my faith.

In linguistics, grammar is simply a set of language rules that people usually follow. But it also has a subjective, flexible side. The conventional characteristics of any language makes it changeable based on the circumstances of usage, especially in a certain period of history, or for certain people. Breaking through the restrictions of grammar has altered the language rules and has been recognized by linguists. Eventually, these changes in usage themselves become accepted language rules.

In the current period of history, Master has chosen the Chinese language to spread the great Law of the universe. Which other period, circumstance or historical figure could ever be more significant? Only Falun Dafa practitioners can understand the profound meaning of the Fa. It's hard to articulate in any language. How can ordinary people's language rules restrict Master's spreading the law of the universe?

My scientific background created doubt in my mind about some phenomena and incidents during my cultivation. I had previously thought these things impossible. When I first studied the Fa, I had questions every time I read Zhuan Falun. I felt very happy when I found the answers to my questions – I laughed at myself as if I was laughing at an atheist. I realized how wrong my understanding of life had been.

I have been influenced by ordinary people's notions and thought patterns of “doubting everything.” It's necessary in the intellectual field because human thought and human knowledge isn't perfect. We have to break through the restrictions of our previous knowledge to make continual progress. However, what the divine gives to humans is perfect and humans have no means to surpass it. For example, the Chinese medical classic Huangdi Neijing was given to humans by the divine. No matter how many renowned doctors have come and gone throughout history, none of them could surpass the knowledge encapsulated within Huangdi Neijing. The I Ching falls into the same category. Humans can't doubt the superiority of these scriptures.

I have been cultivating with my supernormal abilities locked, so I have not experienced some of things that can happen during cultivation as described by Master. This has caused me to often have doubts about the Fa. When these doubts enter my mind, I ask myself, “How is it possible that all my chronic diseases are gone? Isn't this a miracle that can't be explained by science?” Actually the physical changes that I went through after practicing Falun Dafa are already a manifestation of the divine. All of my doubts are caused by the influence of atheism and by my notions.

Once notions are formed they take root in people's minds and become something subconscious. Though I have long abandoned atheism, the notions formed by atheism always play a subconscious role. They are very hard to eliminate. When Jesus spread Christianity, his students witnessed so many miracles firsthand, but their first reaction when facing danger was still to run away and leave their teacher behind. 

Actually, people who have received less education tend to have stronger faith than people with more education. Their lack of education makes them free from interference from their notions. It makes it easier for them to have a strong faith, and to have more mi xin or “blind belief.”  

This so-called “blind belief” is actually staying firm regarding one's beliefs despite the illusions presented by human society. It's actually one's capability to comprehend the Fa or the Law. Living in delusion, humans think that human eyes can see and science can explain everything, but humans don't know that our flesh eyes are exactly what have deceived us and that science is exactly what has blinded us. Humans should have blind belief in the divine. However, it's hard to do so for people who have had many years of scientific education and have formed heavy notions. These people think they are smart. There are many stories from the Buddhist school of cultivation where the master tests whether their students will follow the master's instructions or follow their human notions.

As Falun Dafa practitioners we know the miracles Dafa have manifested in the world. These occurrences are unmatchable by any other miracles recorded throughout history. Almost every Falun Dafa practitioner has personally experienced such miracles. We can easily say we are cultivating with our supernormal abilities unlocked!

The above is my limited understanding. Please feel free to point out anything inappropriate.