(Minghui.org) Fellow practitioners and I recited Master's recent message “A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Taiwan” at our Fa study group on November 27. One of the practitioners was very moved by Master's boundless compassion and was in tears. I also had a very strong feeling and realized that looking inward was our cultivation path leading to consummation.

A fellow practitioner had told me the day before that our area's coordinator had been unfair to him. He thought that coordinators should treat all practitioners equally. I suggested that he look inward. Even though he agreed to do so, it was hard for him.

I completely understood him because I have been caught in similar situations before. Once, a fellow practitioner was very rude to me. I looked outward and thought that the practitioner wasn't in a good cultivation state and that what he had done was worse than a non-cultivator. My thoughts made it hard for me to look inward. I kept looking for my fellow practitioner's faults and ended up not finding my own well-hidden attachments. I had a problem of always looking outward at this point in time when I should have looked within. I sometimes staggered in my cultivation like this for a long period of time.

Master's words have enlightened me and remind me to view my conflicts differently. The practitioner's attitude toward me targeted my attachment to liking to hear pleasing words. I had never solidly cultivated myself to eliminate this attachment, so it had been hidden throughout my cultivation. I can now see the root of my attachment and my own selfishness. It has finally been exposed. As I continue to eliminate it from its root, I feel that my fellow practitioner was actually helping me make improvements in cultivation. I should thank him! I realized that Master has helped me remove the degenerate substances formed by this attachment. What Master has taught us is the righteous cultivation way that leads to consummation! Thank you, Master!

The clock on my wall that I bought earlier this year slowed down recently. I thought the battery was flat, but it continued to act up after I replaced the battery. Looking closely at the clock, I noticed that the hand wouldn't move forward sometimes, and even occasionally moved backward. It dawned on me today that I have done the same thing with my cultivation. I've moved forward a little, then stopped, then moved again, and then sometimes I even moved backwards. This is the reason why my progress has been slow. I have to catch up with fellow practitioners by following Master's instructions about how to practice cultivation.

Master told us,

“Cultivation is about working on the human mind and heart; it is about cultivating oneself. Only when you are able to examine yourself, looking inward amid problems, conflicts, difficulties, or when being treated unfairly, is it true cultivation. And only by doing so will you be constantly improving, staying the right course on your cultivation journey, and progressing toward consummation!” (A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Taiwan) (Team Yellow Translation)

Thank you again Master!