(Minghui.org) Since the persecution of Falun Gong began, many articles about phone safety have been published on Minghui.org. There are still many practitioners who do not pay attention to this issue, which leads to huge losses.

One article discussed a practitioner in Tieling who had been monitored for more than a year. Because his phone was tapped, 45 practitioners were arrested. A similar case happened in Heilongjiang Province.

Tapped phones caused more than 100 practitioners to be arrested in Jinzhou. In the Chaoyang area, 200 to 300 practitioners were arrested this year for the same reason. Many individual practitioners were arrested and persecuted because their phones or other practitioners' phones were tapped.

I have submitted several articles about phone safety, monitoring techniques, monitored locations, and coverage zones. Once one enters a monitored zone, one's phone is under surveillance. A gathering in the monitored zone could cause many practitioners to be exposed. Once the phone is monitored, the owner's phone can provide a detailed path of his or her movements.

Many smartphones have monitoring software installed as a backdoor and can be easily turned into a voice and video transmitter. Many high-ranking Communist Party officials were arrested after their phones were monitored and evidence was taken.

Although many lessons have been learned in the past and many articles have tried to remind practitioners about phone safety, many practitioners still do not pay attention to this matter. Why? It is because some practitioners have severe xinxing problems.

1. Not Believing in Master and the Fa

Master has talked about safety issues several times in past years. Some practitioners do not listen and feel that this does not relate to them. This shows that they do not believe in Master or the Fa. Master talked about cell phone safety in “Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference:”

“Disciple: May I ask Master to talk more about the issue of safety in cellphone use.

“Master: There isn't much to talk about here. You are carrying a listening device on you. Besides spies and governments, anyone is able to monitor you at will, and it's very simple. That's all it is, and whether you keep it on or off, it doesn't make any difference. I am speaking here, and you know, the evil CCP is listening over there as well.”

Since Master talked about it, this issue must be important. The old forces are using this equipment to commit crimes against Dafa. Even when they are aware of this, some practitioners still do things as usual. They bring their cellphones with them to material production sites or practitioners' homes and use them there.

Some practitioners suggested that paying attention to phone safety was an attachment of fear and reflected a lack of righteous thoughts. They claimed that they had righteous thoughts and felt it was okay to take their phones with them wherever they went.

This is a manifestation of not believing in Master and the Fa. They have placed themselves above the Fa and feel that they can ignore phone safety.

2. Being Irresponsible to the Fa and Other Practitioners

Some practitioners claimed that they have used their cell phones for years without trouble. They did not know that their cell phones had been used as bait so the evil could get to other practitioners and key locations. The evil leaves these practitioners alone so they can continue to use their phones in this way.

When the police dealt with practitioners who filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, they knew which practitioner’s homes were the material production centers. They ransack those practitioner’s homes instead of summoning them to the police station. These material production centers were exposed when an irresponsible practitioner visited with their cell phone.

These careless practitioners still feel good about themselves since the evil did not bother them directly, yet their irresponsible actions have brought huge losses to Dafa. This is not an ordinary issue in other dimensions, and they have to accept the consequences.

3. Placing Oneself Above Others

Most of the practitioners who use their cell phones recklessly feel good about themselves. They believe that they are capable, that their righteous thoughts are strong, and that they have cultivated well. They say that practitioners who remind them of safety lack righteous thoughts. They have exposed their own attachments of looking down on others and of jealousy. This is not the state of a god, but a reflection of their own inferior state. They have placed their own convenience above the safety of others.

4. Selfishness

Why are these practitioners unwilling to think about cell phone safety? It is because their convenience comes first. They can call anyone, anywhere, at any time. Some even use WeChat among practitioners for convenience. They take risks. Some practitioners have cell phones with them but hide them behind other practitioner’s backs.

Master told us, “he is full of great aspirations while minding minor details.” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

The cell phone is an alien technology that the old forces use during Fa-rectification. These practitioners have shown a strong attachment to cell phones. How can they become selfless gods by putting their convenience above Dafa and the safety of others? Can they sacrifice for Dafa when Dafa needs them? Can they become a selfless enlightened being through cultivation in Dafa?

5. Enlightening on the Issue of Safety

Master has talked about safety issues during his lectures in past years. It is a requirement for practitioners to enlighten to this issue so as to safeguard future cosmic bodies. Practitioners who failed to enlighten do not harmonize with the Fa in this respect.

Beings created by Dafa should be strict with themselves, since the requirements for the future cannot not be taken lightly. Master's every word is a heavenly secret and has boundless meaning. Dafa disciples are to become higher beings, so we should measure ourselves with higher and stricter standards.

If any practitioner does not take Dafa’s principles seriously, the resulting losses maybe not obvious at the moment but can cause deep regret in the future.

I hope the practitioners who still take the issue of phone safety lightly will be stricter with themselves and do better.

The above are my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.