(Minghui.org) I am 82 and began practicing Falun Gong in 1996. There were a couple times when I encountered dangerous situations and Master saved my life. I would like to share these experiences with other practitioners.

There was heavy snow in October 2012. The snow melted during the day and became icy at night. I was on my way home after distributing booklets about Falun Gong one evening.

There was an unlit road construction site in the area. I suddenly lost my footing and realized that I had fallen into the sewer. I thought, “I need to get out!” Then, I felt myself being lifted up to the street. I quickly said, “Thank you, Master!”

My feet hurt when I walked home and swelled up when I was in bed. My body jerked from the pain, and I kicked the blanket during sleep. I knew Master was adjusting my body. My feet recovered completely after a week.

Another time, I was clarifying the facts over the phone every day in November 2014. I was standing next to a curb waiting for a bus when something knocked me forward.

I turned around and saw a black sedan. A man and a woman came running towards me. They helped me up and said, “Ma'am, how are you feeling? Let's go to the hospital.”

I finally realized that I had been hit by a car. I immediately told them it was okay and that I practice Falun Gong. Just then, the bus I was waiting for arrived.

I started cooking as soon as I arrived home so that my family would not know about what had happened. I did not want them to worry about me. They did not want me to go out alone due to my poor hearing.

When I was cooking, I felt a bit lightheaded. However, I felt much better after sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 p.m. Before going to bed, my husband inadvertently touched my head and said, “How did you get a big bump on your head?”

I just said casually, “It's not a big deal.” In fact, I felt strange, too. The car hit me from behind. Why was there was a bump on my head? Maybe I fell and hit my head from the car accident.

I woke up at 3:50 a.m. to do the Falun Gong exercises. When I nearly finished the Falun Standing Stance, I had to rush to the toilet.

I felt nauseous, and my mouth was foaming. I vomited and felt better afterwards. Then, I returned to my room to finish the five exercises.

During the day, I clarified the facts on my cell phone as usual. I was unable to walk in a straight line, but I did not miss a day. Later, I noticed that my body was badly bruised from the waist down.

A few days later, my husband asked me to go shopping with him. The mall was a little far, so I suggested taking a taxi. But he wanted to get some exercise and decided we would take a taxi back.

I agreed and said, “Didn't you ask me about the bump on my head? I'll tell you about it.” I told him exactly what had happened after our trip. I believe I would be dead if it had not been for Master's protection.

I have two daughters and a son. They are all married and have kids. During the New Year, they all came to visit, and I told my entire family about these two experiences.

They were shocked. My younger daughter said, “You're so foolish! How could you let them leave like that?”

I replied, “We Falun Gong practitioners do not extort people.”

In fact, my children admire Falun Gong practitioners. They have witnessed an elderly woman like me, who is in perfect health, walks a lot every day, and even learned how to use cell phones.

I also had no formal schooling but can now read all of Master's teachings and Minghui Weekly. I have also memorized the new Lunyu.