(Minghui.org) Twelve Falun Gong practitioners were arrested on November 3, 2016 for handing out calendars containing information about the spiritual practice and its persecution by the Chinese communist regime.

The Liaozhong District Domestic Security Division in Shenyang conducted the arrests and ransacked the practitioners’ homes. The practitioners range from ages 50 to 70.

Those arrested include Ms. An Jing, Ms. Han Qing, Ms. Han's mother Ms. Yu Chunyan, Ms. Ye Zhongqiu, Ms. Chen Hong, Ms. Yang Min, Ms. Han Chunxiang, Ms. Liu Lijuan, Ms. Chen Hong, Ms. Meng Suzhen and her daughter, and Ms. Liu.

Ms. An Jing resisted arrest and was kicked to the ground and pepper-sprayed. She was then dragged to a police vehicle by two officers.

When Ms. Ye Zhongqiu tried to stop the officers from using violence in the arrest, she was also taken into custody.

Homes Ransacked

Li Wei, a team leader of the Liaozhong District Domestic Security Division, led over 20 policemen to ransack the practitioners' homes and confiscate their computers and cell phones. The officers also took 18,000 yuan and 2,000 Taiwanese dollars, which belonged to Ms. Ann's son, from Ms. An's home. A gold necklace found in Ms. Ye Zhongqiu's home was also confiscated.


The families of the arrested practitioners wanted to see them in the evening, but they were refused by police.

Ms. Ye was beaten for refusing to sign or print her fingerprints. The practitioners were also forcibly given medical examinations. Ms. Han Qing did not cooperate with officers and was kicked and hit as a result.

Most of the practitioners were taken to the Shenyang Detention Center the day after the arrests. Two were released because they failed the physical examination. Ms. Han's 70-year-old mother was also taken to the detention center despite her high blood pressure. Another 70-year-old woman was also taken to the detention center.

Ten practitioners were released later. Ms. Ye and Ms. Chen remain in custody.