(Minghui.org) I left the house with at least 50 Minghui calendars and took one out to read while riding the bus. As we approached the last stop, there were ten passengers left. I thought I should give a calendar to everyone.

One of the passengers came up to me to look at the calendar. I told him it was not only a beautiful calendar, but it also contained information about Falun Gong. Then I offered him one. The others subsequently asked for a calendar as well.

One of the women said, “Can I have an extra copy? I know my coworker will want one.” I gave her another copy just as the bus arrived at the terminal.

There were many people waiting for the bus, so I got in line and took out some of the calendars so people could see.

People asked, “Are you giving those away?”

Many others then approached, wanting a calendar. I told them I would give them to anyone who wants one.

One person asked, “What is it about?”

I raised my voice a bit as I responded, “It's the truth about Falun Gong!”

With excitement in his tone, he answered, “Excellent! I like to read everything I can get my hands on about Falun Gong.”

The last calendar went to a kind-looking middle-aged woman who quietly said to me, “Be careful.” I thanked her.