(Minghui.org) I was a different person ten years ago. Back then, I suffered from encephalitis, thyroiditis, and muscular atrophy. I often felt dizzy, and my legs were weak. Nothing seemed to help, and my doctors declared my conditions incurable.

I opened the door one April day in 2006 to see an elderly woman sitting outside. It was drizzling, so I invited her to come inside to have dinner with my family.

She offered to pay me 20 yuan afterwards. When I declined, she produced a book called Zhuan Falun [main teachings of Falun Dafa] and asked me to read it.

I opened the book to see layers upon layers of moving Chinese characters. When I tried to ask her why the book looked so much different than other books, the elderly woman had already left.

I kept reading the book whenever I got a chance. One day, I thought to myself maybe it was time for me to believe in Buddhas. Just then, I saw the Chinese character for Buddha appeared on the window, with a spinning Falun on top of it. I knew right away that I should practice Falun Dafa.

My muscular atrophy seemed to get worse over the next few months of my reading Zhuan Falun. I became a bit apprehensive and wondered if anything was going wrong. I then remembered the elderly woman who gave me the book and wished that she could be here to answer my questions.

To my surprise, she showed up at my door the next day and asked, “What do you need me for?” I was stunned that she was able to read my mind and came without invitation.

I told her about my seemingly worsening conditions. She assured me, “Master Li (founder of Falun Dafa) is purifying your body.”

She was already in her 80s, yet she had a rosy complexion. I felt comfortable with her and trusted that what she said was true.

I heeded her advice and just kept reading the book. Before I knew it, all my symptoms were gone.

The elderly woman never revealed to me who she was, but I have no doubt that Master Li sent her to guide me into the door of Falun Dafa cultivation. I thank Master for returning me to health and giving me a new outlook on life.