I went to the market just after the 2016 Chinese New Year and ran into Mr. Guo, who works in a steel trade company. I greeted him and he was quick to tell me that his boss wanted a 2016 Falun Dafa table calendar. He also told me several coworkers wanted one too. I told him I had five left and got them for him. He was grateful and thanked me.

Mr. Guo learned about Falun Dafa about 5 years ago. He read our flyers and always passed them on to others afterward. His boss and coworkers had the chance to learn the truth about Falun Dafa from him. Mr. Guo then read the main book of Falun Dafa – Zhuan Falun.

While reading the book his boss had to leave his office and left it on his desk. Upon his return, he saw the book was missing. He asked around and was told that someone put it in the incinerator. He hastily opened the incinerator and discovered the book was still intact!

He was surprised and exclaimed, “This is no ordinary book!”

Mr. Guo said that ever since then he believes Falun Dafa is extraordinary and truly feels that people who understand this will have a good future.

His boss also tore apart his 'Party Certificate' from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He has encouraged his family and friends to quit the CCP as well.

“You Just Have to Believe in Falun Dafa”

While walking in the market, I heard someone yell, “Peaches for sale!”

I purchased some peaches and asked the salesperson, “Have you heard of quitting the CCP to ensure a safe and secure future?”

He replied, “Yes! And I did. A Falun Dafa practitioner helped me.”

We talked some more and he declared, “You just have to believe in Falun Dafa! Previously I did not believe what the Falun Dafa people told me and everything in my life went wrong. Last year, I finally understood what they were telling me, and I quit the CCP. I have had nothing but success since then. I now understand how good Falun Dafa truly is.”