(A fellow practitioner wrote this article based on the author's oral dictation.)

(Minghui.org) Master and Falun Dafa renewed my life, and I have benefited from Dafa tremendously. No words can express my gratitude to Master and Falun Dafa. All I can do is bring the beauty of Falun Dafa to everybody. No matter how difficult it would be, I will try my best to save sentient beings.

Dafa Renewed My Life

I am 63 years old this year. I didn't get much education, because I quit school when I was 11. Just over two decades ago, I developed asthma. Every morning and night I coughed severely. When it was sunny or windy I had a hard time breathing and my legs would tremble. I had to wear thick clothes and pants at night.

A whole lot of other diseases also attacked me at the same time, including cholecystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and neurosis. I had pain everywhere except my toes. I went to many hospitals, at the town, city, and provincial levels. No medicine or therapy worked.

In 1998, my situation reached its worst. I was unable to walk. A practitioner that I knew brought me a copy of the audio recording of Master's lecture. I listened to the first two lectures a few times and then felt something different in my body.

I sat on the ground cutting vegetables for dinner one afternoon. I usually had to hold onto something to stand up and it was often a struggle. But that day, I held up the cutting board and stood up right away. After a few steps, I realized that the pain in my lower back was gone and my breathing was a little easier. I told my husband that I felt better because of practicing Falun Gong. Master was taking care of me. My husband said, “Continue practicing.”

I officially started practicing. At first, I could not change my short temper. Whenever I got mad at somebody, I felt short of breath. I then recalled Master's words:

“...cultivators shouldn’t get angry.” (Teaching the Fa at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun)

“...as a practitioner one should not fight back when being punched or insulted, but should conduct oneself with a high standard.” (Zhuan Falun)

I tried to follow the teaching and kept on studying the Fa to help improve my xinxing. All of my diseases were healed a short time later.

Learning to Use a Computer to Make Materials

I often remind myself that Master renewed my life so I should do whatever is necessary for Falun Dafa, do whatever is necessary for saving people, and do whatever is necessary for fellow practitioners.

I always wanted to learn the computer skills necessary to make truth-clarification materials. But I didn't get much education when I was younger. Although I was able to read Falun Dafa books after a few years of effort and with fellow practitioners' help, I was not able to read other books. Moreover, nobody around me knew how to use a computer. What should I do?

I went to an Internet bar and told the owner, “I can do the janitor work. If you teach me how to use a computer, I won't charge as much.” The owner agreed, but she only taught me how to turn the computer on and off, nothing else. I turned on the computer, moved the mouse, and saw a line of words on the monitor that read, “What do you want to do?” I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was scared and turned it off.

When my youngest daughter came to visit me I asked her to go to the internet bar with me. She said, “You are so old and cannot even read. Nobody can teach you.” I dragged her there. She opened the browser and said, “It is all propaganda attacking Falun Gong.” I said, “Then I don't want to read it. You shouldn't, either.” We turned the computer off. So my first try failed.

I didn't give up. Maybe Master saw that I was sincere and gave me another chance. I ran into a fellow practitioner from a different town one day. I asked her to teach me. She was happy to.

She came to my house the next day with a computer, a printer, and a practitioner who knew the necessary techniques. That practitioner stayed at my house for a week and taught me how to operate the computer and printer and how to read articles on the Minghui website.

It seemed that I knew how to do everything when I was with that practitioner, but after she left, I often found myself lost. So I started going to another town frequently and asked every practitioner that I could get hold of to teach. As time went by, I learned how to print materials; download files from the Minghui website; make booklets, calendars, and display boards; and burn DVDs.

Overcoming a Tribulation

When I first started learning computer skills, my husband worked in a remote area. I made materials during the daytime. At night I went to other villages with fellow practitioners to pass out the materials. I didn't have many tribulations.

But my husband soon came back. I didn't dare to tell him what I had been doing. So I hid the printer under the bed. After he left for work every day, I took the printer out and made the materials, and then hid it again before he came back. He saw a computer on the desk once, and asked me whose it was. I said it belonged to a fellow practitioner whom he knew, so he didn't say anything.

I later felt it was too troublesome to move the printer all the time, so I put it on the desk. He asked me about it. I said it came with the computer. He didn't say anything, but had doubts. So he came back early from work one day, and saw me printing Falun Dafa materials.

He cursed me. My tribulation started. He cursed me whenever I went out to distribute the materials. Later, he even started to beat me. I came back from giving out materials in a village one day and he picked me up and threw me. My head hit a metal box, and I passed out. Another time when I got home from passing out materials, he hit my head with a metal wok. I passed out. When I came to, I found a big cut on my head. If it wasn't for Master, my husband might have killed me.

I said to him, “My life was renewed by Falun Dafa and as long as I can breathe I will go distribute materials, even if you break my legs.” He saw how solid my mind was, so he gave up and didn't beat me anymore.

I looked inward and realized that I should not fight with him. Instead, I should improve my level through cultivation and should give him more attention and care. I didn't treat him as a sentient being and I didn't clarify the truth to him. What was worse was that I even developed hatred toward him. After I realized all this, I changed my attitude and tried to improve my xinxing.

Gradually, my husband became more supportive. Recently, he even started to practice with me.

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

I used to ride a bicycle to hand out materials in other villages. But using a bicycle did not work so well. I once tried to carry a large bag of materials to a fellow practitioner's house in the countryside. I put the bag on the back of the bicycle. When I crossed the railway tracks, my bicycle hit a bump. Due to the heavy weight at the back, the bicycle tilted up. I tried to push the front down and reminded myself, “I am a Dafa disciple, and I am protected by Master. Nothing bad will happen.” When I finally got to the practitioner's house, she was very surprised that I had managed to carry such a heavy bag on a bicycle!

An idea popped into my mind that day: “It would great if I had a motorcycle.” There are so many villages around. With a motorcycle, I would be able to distribute materials everywhere. I kept asking my husband to buy a motorcycle. A year later, he finally agreed.

I asked my brother to teach me how to drive it. He sat behind me. I was too nervous and hit the gas and the brake at the same time. The motorcycle sped off down the street on one wheel. My brother fell, and the bumper broke too. My brother complained, “Don't you know you are not the right age to operate a motorcycle?” I said in my heart, “What do you know? I need a motorcycle to save sentient beings.”

After countless falls, I finally mastered how to drive a motorcycle. Using it has been a great help. I have taken fellow practitioners and materials to every corner of all the villages in our county.

I learned how to automatically send cellphone messages and play audio recordings on a phone. As I ride the motorcycle to the countryside, a few cellphones in my bag are automatically sending out truth-clarifying messages.

Sentient beings Are Here for Dafa

Master said in “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference:”

“Nothing happens by chance. Many beings from higher planes have sought to come down and reincarnate, wishing to form a karmic tie with Dafa. Meanwhile, human beings have been reincarnating in the cycle of rebirth. But there are only so many humans and human skins. If there were any more, the earth wouldn’t be able to hold them all. Thus, lives of higher planes have reincarnated as animals and even plants. Many of the lives here at this human place are not simple, they are no ordinary beings.”

I have encountered many interesting things when passing out materials in the countryside.

We went to a village once and a cat approached us. It led us to each house. The cat meowed at the gate of each house and waited for us. It seemed that the cat was saying “leave the materials here.” We put the materials down, and then it moved to the next door until we finished the whole village. The cat followed us until the outskirts of the village and didn't want to go back until I asked it several times.

Another time, as we entered a village we ran into a young man. He smiled at us and said something that didn't make sense. We realized that he was mentally ill. I said to him, “Hey there, here is a DVD about Falun Dafa.” He was very happy to take it. He then led us to each house in the village, telling us which ones had DVD players.

Master Protects Me from Danger

I went to a fair with a fellow practitioner to hand out DVDs. A man asked me, “What are you giving out?” I told him what it was. He said, “Okay, then you had better come with me to the police station.” I have never put a hand on anyone, but that day I had courage. I patted his shoulder and said, “Why should I go with you? Everything I am doing and all the things I am telling people are good things.”

With that pat, it seemed that the evil spirit controlling him was disintegrated. His attitude changed right away. I knew Master was watching me.

Another time, a practitioner and I gave out DVDs in the village. A man dressed in a suit and tie from the village, who looked like a government official, yelled at me, “Don't pass out that stuff out here.” I wasn't afraid. I said, “I am doing a good deed. Why don't you allow me to do this? I came here for you. Don't you know this is your good fortune? How often do you think I can come here? You have a predestined relationship with me.”

The man held my arm and said, “Do you dare to say that this is not Falun Gong stuff? Let's find a DVD player and play the DVD. If it is Falun Gong stuff, I will arrest you. If it is not, I will let you go.” I thought in my heart, “Good. You should watch it. You will be saved if you watch it.”

We went to a convenience store and asked the owner to play the DVD. The owner said, “The DVD player has been broken for a while.” The man then let go of my arm. I realized that Master had protected me again.

I started chatting with him. I said that one of my nieces lived in this village. He asked her name, and I told him. He smiled. They were good friends. I asked him to quit the Party and gave him a copy of DVD. He didn't take it, but he said he would watch something similar at my niece's home.

Another time, I went to a village with a fellow practitioner. Right before we were done passing out DVDs, a man approached us and said, “Don't pass out that stuff here. Leave now.” We were about to leave anyway so I didn't talk to him. The other practitioner said, “Look, he's making a phone call.” I said, “So what? Isn't that normal?” I didn't pay much attention, nor did I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

As we passed by the village police station, a plainclothes officer stopped us and yelled, “Tell me what you are passing out!” I gave him a copy of the Shen Yun DVD and told him it highlighted some of the best parts of our 5000 years of traditional culture. He said rudely, “What 5000-year-old culture? Tell me what it really is.”

The other practitioner said she needed to use the bathroom and asked the policeman where it was. The policeman softened a little and pointed out where it was.

I still had quite a few copies of the DVD in my bag, and I wanted this practitioner to take my bag on her way to the bathroom and not come back. So I gave her the bag. But she didn't take it because she didn't get my hint. She went to our motorcycle and picked up her own bag. I was not anxious. I said to her, “I will go with you.”

On the way to the bathroom, she said, “ I don't really need to use the bathroom. I'm just scared.” I looked around and realized that I should let her go by herself, because there was only one way out and it was too remote to get a taxi. She would not get out without transportation.

I said to her, “We have Master and the Fa, so we don't have to be scared. The relationship between that policeman and us is not of a persecutor versus his victims; it is a relationship between a sentient being who will be saved and those saving him. He is one of the sentient beings that we need to save. Let's face him and tell him the truth.”

We went back and saw him waiting for us at our motorcycle holding the DVD I just gave him. He asked angrily, “Speak! What is this? You dare to say this is not Falun Gong stuff.” We said, “Okay, so you know it is Falun Gong. We are not going to lie to you. If it is not a Falun Gong DVD, it will not be able to save you.”

Then we started to tell him what Falun Gong really is, about the brutality of the persecution, about how the communist party makes up lies to slander Falun Gong, and we tried to convince him to quit the Party for his own future. Finally we asked him not to get involved in the persecution, because it would mean retribution for himself and his family.

He said, “I don't want to get myself in trouble. I can let you go, but you cannot pass out the DVD in the areas I am in charge of.” I said, “Don't be selfish.” He said, “How can you say I am being selfish when I am letting you go?” I said, “Now you have a copy of the Falun Gong DVD. You will be saved after watching it. But you should let the people in your area see it, too.”

I have encountered many dangerous situations like this. Every time, Master sees my righteous thoughts and protects me. I am really grateful.

Standing on a Fellow Practitioner's Back

There are a dozen practitioners in a nearby town, and all of them started practicing after 2005. Four of them cultivate diligently. Last October, two of them were arrested. They were put on trial, but are still imprisoned, awaiting their final sentences. The police broke into one of their houses and made a big mess.

This caused a shockwave among the practitioners in this town and lots of rumors circulated. One practitioner said that another practitioner was also arrested. Another said yet another practitioner was arrested and that the police would soon come to take away other practitioners. 

One practitioner who had recovered from a severe stroke through practicing became partially paralyzed again due to fear. Another practitioner, whose nasopharyngeal carcinoma was healed by practicing, quit practicing after her husband pressured her. Their Fa-study group quit meeting, too.

As the contact person in our county, I decided to make a trip to the town with some other practitioners. Our goals were to put a stop to the rumors, comfort the family members of the imprisoned practitioners, and encourage the practitioners to have righteous thoughts and resume their group Fa-study. We also planned to hang a few Dafa banners and posters on the way back.

We drove. It was pouring when we got there. We stayed in the car and sent forth righteous thoughts. Ten minutes later, the rain stopped. We visited the mother-in-law of the imprisoned practitioner first, and she felt better after talking to us. We then talked to the local practitioners, and they all believed that they should resume their group Fa-study.

On the way back it was sunny. Two practitioners and I decided to put Dafa posters up in public places. We found a bulletin board that was perfect for our poster, but it was too high for me to reach. One practitioner knelt down and asked me to step on her back. After the rain, it was muddy everywhere. I hesitated. She said, “Come on. It's nothing. Quick.”

I had tears in my eyes. The other practitioner held my arm and passed the poster to me. I put the eye-catching poster right in the middle of the board.

At that moment, I recalled Master's words:

“The Divine calls me to save those who dwell here.” ("Compassion" in Hong Yin III);

“... each of you assumes responsibility for a large expanse in this world and represents a certain segment of sentient beings.” (Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting);


“In this persecution, how you, as Dafa disciples, put an end to the persecution that the old forces have forced upon us and negate the arrangements by the old forces, how you manage to walk the righteous path of a Dafa disciple, how you save sentient beings during this persecution--all of these are responsibilities bestowed upon Dafa disciples by history.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference)

We continued walking on the muddy road, passing out materials, putting up posters, and saving the sentient beings that dwelled there. I saw the incredible power of a whole body when we collaborate with each other well.

Miracles in the Secular World

My daily job is to ride my motorcycle around and sell commodities. I ran into a fellow practitioner one day while I was working. He was passing out materials and needed some help, so I volunteered. After a while, he noticed that I was ignoring my business. He said, “Don't you need to sell a certain amount every day?” I said, “That is not time-sensitive. Saving people is.”

I later put the materials on my motorcycle. When customers came to buy stuff, I gave them a copy. Many people came to my motorcycle. Soon, all my items had sold out. I had to call my supplier to bring more. That day I sold 2000 pairs of socks for a total of 5000 yuan (about USD$800). It was a miracle. I didn't know how to express my appreciation to Master.

Fellow practitioners are often amazed that an old lady who didn't finish school and was unable to read for many years is operating a computer to download and print materials every day. Isn't that a miracle? And a lady over 60 rides a motorcycle carrying young men everywhere? Isn't that a miracle?

Only Falun Dafa disciples walking on the divine path and protected by Master can make such miracles happen.