(Minghui.org) We moved to Qiqihar from Harbin City to look after our grandson. However, my health was failing and my husband was near death. Then, we learned Falun Dafa. Now, we are healthy and grateful to Master Li – the founder and teacher of Falun Dafa.

I was suffering from heart disease, arthritis in the neck, and several more illnesses. I had to take medications, became depressed and did not want to live.

My husband suffered from brain atrophy, hemiplegia, diabetes and prostate problems. He had no bladder control, had trouble speaking and was dependent on others for care. His health was quickly deteriorating. I was ready to prepare his funeral.

My daughter had a friend who survived cancer after learning Falun Dafa. She brought us the audio lectures by Master Li, and the main book of Falun Dafa Zhuan Falun. I read the book and listened to the lectures. I thought the teachings made so much sense, and wondered why they were banned in China. I wanted to learn the practice.

My throat was hurting and I had cold sores in my mouth, but I did not feel any discomfort when I read the book. While doing the exercises my arms trembled, but I persisted.

All of my symptoms were gone after two weeks. I was energetic and never felt so good. I could feel the extraordinariness of Dafa. I had no more doubts or prejudice regarding Falun Dafa. My only regret was that I did not learn it earlier.

My husband's health improved remarkably after reading the book for two weeks. His speech improved, he looked healthier and was able to help with some housework. His blood pressure and blood sugar returned to normal.

We are so grateful to have learned Falun Dafa, even if it was so late in life. My daughter and son-in-law no longer worry about us, and no longer have our medical expenses to pay. My depression is gone and I look forward to every day with new hope.