(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 2.

Evaluate Conflicts with a Righteous Mind

Conflicts can expose our different attachments. If we as cultivators can evaluate each conflict from the perspective of the Fa, look within, search our human hearts, expose the attachment, and eliminate it, we will improve and elevate to a higher realm.

When a conflict comes about, it is not important to determine who is right or wrong. What is important are the circumstances that brought up and exposed the attachment. It is like in warfare: When the enemy is hiding, it is more crucial to lure them out and destroy them.

When a Dafa practitioner is able to look beyond the conflict itself and search and find the deeply hidden attachment, he or she can work on eliminating it and have an opportunity to assimilate to the Fa and elevate.

Master said:

“This especially holds true in the Fa-rectification period, where all of the cosmos’s beings, both positive and negative, want to be saved. And that includes even the unimaginably massive gods at the highest of planes, as well as, notably, the sentient beings of their worlds. It is because of this that they have managed to have a presence in the human world, and in the Three Realms. Could they forgo this once-in-eons opportunity to be saved? “You have to save me”—they all utter this, imploring to be saved. But the way this comes across is not what one would expect by using the kind of reasoning and comprehension found in the human world, such as how you must be courteous and humble when asking for help—“As you are here to save me, I must first express my gratitude toward you, and I will do my part to make it easier”—it’s nothing like that. As they see it, “If you are to save me, you have to reach my level first, and you must have this measure of mighty virtue before you can save me. Without such mighty virtue, without having reached my stature, how could you save me?” So they would have you trip and fall, suffer, and eliminate your attachments, after which, with your mighty virtue having been established, you will have cultivated to that level and be able to save them. That’s how they want to have it.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

From this standpoint, whether a Dafa practitioner is able to look within, eliminate attachments, and elevate is connected to the fate—existence or extermination—of the countless lives that he or she represents. It is that serious!

Fa-rectification continues to progress, one level at a time. If you are reluctant, not willing to search within and elevate, you will not meet the cultivation state required for that level and the sentient beings at that level will miss the chance to be saved.

Conflicts arise from karmic relationships, and they are precious in that they can help expose our attachments, thereby helping us to improve and elevate. I’ve realized now that, so many times, I did not utilize those occasions to the fullest to eliminate my attachments. I ended up going round and round and taking quite a detour to eliminate my attachments.

My Path

On my cultivation path, I have tried many ways to overcome numerous difficulties, fear, and pressure from all directions. Whenever I was in despair and frustrated, I would encourage and console myself; whenever I did well, I would commend and celebrate but also set new goals; whenever I slacked off or made mistakes, I would quickly readjust myself and reevaluate myself with higher standards.

I ask myself many questions, particularly in the middle of tribulations, conflicts, sickness karma, and struggles.

I am determined to eliminate my attachments. Some of them took a month to get rid of, some took a year or even longer, and some I have not found yet. But I will keep on cultivating until all my attachments are gone.

(The end)