(Minghui.org) There are areas in China where the police routinely arrest Falun Gong practitioners. Why? I feel it's due to three main factors, which I outline below.

Overlooking Xinxing Improvement

Some practitioners are very successful at clarifying the truth. Thus, they're often asked to share their techniques or methods with others so that they, too, can achieve similar results. However, these practitioners are successful mainly because they're serious about cultivating their xinxing.

If a practitioner does not improve his character and only adopts the outward form of others' success, isn't it the same as looking outside of oneself? Isn't this emphasizing the form of cultivation instead of the essence of cultivation? Doing so could lead to serious consequences!

At the same time, we cannot assume that practitioners who are good at truth clarification work have high xinxing.

This is why I feel it's important that all experience sharings focus on improving one's heart. We cannot deviate from this format.

Being Too Dependent on Coordinators

There are no officials in Dafa cultivation; everyone is a volunteer. Thus, we should help out whenever and wherever we can.

Some practitioners find it difficult to take the initiative. They depend entirely on others to assign them tasks. They act like employees in a factory: if the supervisor does not assign them any work, they just stand around and do nothing.

When these practitioners run into an issue, they often report it to the coordinator and avoid becoming personally involved. If they act like this, how can they hope to succeed at cultivation?

Doesn't Master ask us to take the initiative in different projects, and that every practitioner has to walk their own path? Everyone has a duty to help resolve the issues that come up during our cultivation practice.

If our paths are to be left as a reference for future generations, then there cannot be any deviations among Dafa practitioners. Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard Dafa, so we cannot be indifferent.

If one regards himself as a “worker” and the coordinators as “officials,” it indicates that one is not being responsible to Dafa or oneself.

Coordinators Need to Stress Xinxing of the One Body

Some coordinators enjoy assigning work to others. As a result, they often wind up taking charge of everything. The more things they take care of, the more accomplished they feel. This does not conform to Master's requirements. Coordinators should help fellow practitioners improve their xinxing, resolve important issues, take the initiative, and be more responsible to themselves and Dafa.

If the one body's xinxing were not elevated, and merely doing things counted as “improving,” then the old forces would take advantage of this loophole and intensify the persecution. This would seriously interfere with our saving sentient beings. How? We'd be too busy dealing with the persecution to do anything else!

If everyone could let go of self, be responsible to Dafa, and do whatever it is that's required of them, everyone's character would greatly improve.

Then, would the coordinator still need to assign specific tasks to the group? More importantly, would the evil factors dare to interfere?