(Minghui.org) Two Falun Dafa practitioners in our area were arrested recently. Police officers broke into their homes, illegally arrested them and confiscated large amounts of Dafa informational materials. Their homes were being used as distribution points – large amounts of materials are delivered there and practitioners from nearby areas came to collect them.

We often talk about having materials sites in many locations so that we don't rely on just a few sites. However, for various reasons, we haven't put this into action. In order to meet the local need for materials, I'm calling for more practitioners to start production sites in their homes. I'm also asking those who run distribution points to provide technical support for those who would like to run production sites at home but don't have the necessary technical skills.

With the persecution still going on, we need to learn from our mistakes. This isn't the first time we've suffered such a huge loss. When a practitioner was arrested a couple of years ago, the amount of materials found in his home filled a truck. Even though he was eventually released, we lost an enormous amount of materials.

Practitioners who print information about Falun Dafa on paper bills have encountered the same problem. If one practitioner does all the printing, there will be large amounts of cash in their home. Some practitioners have been arrested and had large amounts of money confiscated.

A practitioner who was responsible for producing materials was always busy and exhausted. He often fell asleep during Fa study and when he sent forth righteous thoughts. This situation went on for years. When he was advised to slow down and focus on improving his cultivation, he always replied, “Someone is waiting for these materials so I can't stop.”

Practitioners who run materials production sites are admirable and have worked hard for years. As more practitioners are stepping forward to let people know about Dafa and the persecution, there is a greater need for materials and more pressure on the production sites. It's every practitioner's responsibility to look inward to solve this problem.

From what I understand of Master's teachings, we should get rid of our over-reliance on a few core production sites and instead have sites blossom everywhere. This will help relieve pressure on existing sites. Wouldn't it great to help ease their burden?

I believe this is the path we should take to truly deny the old forces' persecution and improve as a whole. Let's all shoulder this responsibility.