(Minghui.org) Parents must raise their children, but they cannot promise to give them a lifetime of happiness. Tutors in the human world teach people science and culture, yet it is very difficult to solve tribulations that affect human lives.

What's more, saving people based on the pretense of the scientific knowledge available to humans today is especially difficult when it comes to aging, illness, and death.

Who can promise a happy and healthy body, and a life free from illnesses, disasters, and elimination of karma? And who from any school of cultivation practice can promise that a human be able to cultivate toward Godhood or Buddhahood and reach consummation within this lifetime?

Cultivation in Dafa Enables Consummation

Yet Falun Dafa's esteemed Master has told His disciples that cultivating Dafa will enable them to reach consummation in this lifetime. In other words, through cultivation, one can become a god and Buddha in this lifetime.

How magnificent is this? What is more important in the human world than this? Who else in the human world can offer such a promise? Only Dafa's Master can do this. And Master can help those who've achieved the Fa-rectification cultivation standard to reach consummation.

This is absolutely true, and this truth is about to be achieved since the Fa- rectification process is nearing its end.

Pathetic and Sad

Some Dafa disciples however, have stopped cultivating, and instead become ordinary human beings. Why could this happen? Fa-rectification has been going on for almost 17 years. A long time has indeed gone by, and the remainder of time left to us is only of a very short duration. However, some don’t want to carry on.

The environment is easing up, and the formerly enormous pressure has dwindled. Nonetheless, some practitioners can no longer walk steadily on their cultivation paths. They are instead slipping deeper into the human world, while their acceptance of the attachments to fame, profit, emotions, and lust grow. This is a pathetic and sad ordeal.

Use Your Brain and Think it Over

Some Dafa disciples have abandoned cultivation and walked into Buddhism, Christianity, or other religions. They should ask those so-called “Masters” or “Abbots” if they are able to help their followers achieve consummation in this lifetime. Or, if they will be able to help them cultivate toward godhood and Buddhahood in this lifetime.

They, of course, cannot do such a thing, and they dare not say so. They even dare not boast or brag about it. Then, tell me why you left Dafa and took on their mantel of religion? Are you not clear about the true situation during the Dharma-ending period? Can’t you understand what they talk about and what they do? Why can’t you use your brain to think this over?

Gods and Buddhas Certainly Exist

I remember when I first obtained the Fa—it made me truly happy to understand from within the Fa, that Master was able to help his disciples reach consummation in this lifetime.

I studied qigong for so many years, and I came across all kinds of qigong. The qigong society always talked about healing illnesses and keeping fit at that time. Yet, who cared about consummation? It was not even mentioned by anyone.

I am able to see substances in other dimensions, and occasionally I am able to see gods and some low-level beings. Therefore, I believe in the existence of the paradises of gods and Buddhas. I am confident about my cultivation and myself. I am able to become a god. I do have this confidence.

I've quite often heard fellow practitioners say that they were not confident in their cultivation and consummation. That can’t be right! We need to believe in the Fa and Master, and believe in ourselves as well. We need to believe that we surely can cultivate toward godhood as long as we follow Master’s requirements and meet the Fa's standards.

Let’s encourage each other with Master’s Fa: “Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, and Dafa disciples are sure to achieve Consummation.” (“Greetings” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)