(Minghui.org) I left my mother-in-law's house late one night, so I got a taxi. After I told the driver where I was heading, I began to talk to him about my father-in-law. I told the driver that he had blood clots in his brain, and then the topic led to the health benefits of practicing Falun Gong. The driver said that I was a good daughter-in-law. I then began to talk about the persecution of Falun Gong.

When I looked at his face in the mirror, I knew that something wasn't quite right. He asked me if I knew what he did for a living with a very serious tone. He said, “I am a special agent from the state security bureau. I specialize in catching Falun Gong, especially ones like you who like to tell people about the persecution.”

I was frightened for a moment, but regained my composure. “Special agents are people too, and I do intend to tell people about Falun Gong and the persecution,” I said calmly. “If you are from the state security bureau, you should know more than others about the true situation of Falun Gong.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts as I talked to him.

Our conversation reminded me of the day I was released from a forced labor camp and reunited with my elementary school teachers and classmates. One of the teachers revealed that he was a special agent from the state security bureau.

“I won't arrest you today,” the taxi driver said. “You probably know that's really easy for me to do.” He pointed with his chin to a police station as we drove by. He didn't slow down and continued driving towards where I lived.

I was most startled when he said, “What I meant was, you can't tell people about Falun Gong this way.”

His comments didn't end there. “You should talk about how the CCP is corrupt and Falun Gong is not. How the CCP is promiscuous and Falun Gong is not. How the CCP deceives people in China and Falun Gong does not. The CCP...” he stopped abruptly, turned around and looked at me silently. I could tell that he had been through a lot of pain and hardship over the years, but he couldn't tell me what exactly.

A weight was lifted off my chest, and I told him that people our age have experienced too much sadness from the CCP's political campaigns and know exactly what the CCP is.

“All Chinese people have been victimized by the CCP to different extents,” I said. “We all have a pretty good idea what happens in every CCP movement and what follows.”

“Everyone hates what the CCP is,” he said, emphasizing the word “hate.”

I told him about one of my relatives who worked in the police department. “In order to monitor Falun Gong practitioners, their computer screens had Falun Gong websites open every day, and they know what is going on with Falun Gong practitioners around the world.” He didn't look surprised, and made no comment.

I thanked him for not arresting me when I got home, “You've done something virtuous and that will bring you great fortune in the future.”

He reminded me to be careful, and said, “Pay attention to the people you talk to. Don't just jump into the topic of Falun Gong straight away.”