(Minghui.org) I am an elderly Falun Gong practitioner in China. I was detained in a detention center for more than 19 months.

The detention center was housed in an old building that was in poor condition. I was in a small cell with almost 20 inmates. Everyone slept on one large bed, which was crowded. When someone went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the space was gone when the person returned.

Retaining the Demeanor of a Practitioner

I am not a good conversationalist, did not argue with anyone in the center and lacked the ability to talk eloquently about Falun Gong. Thus, I tried to show the beauty of this cultivation practice through my actions.

Most likely, my kindness moved those I came in contact with, and we became very close. Whenever they encountered difficulties, they talked with me about whatever bothered them. I tried to retain the demeanor of a practitioner.

I told everyone about Falun Gong’s foundational principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” the benefits one derives from the practice or even just believing in its goodness. They all agreed with me.

Nothing to Be Afraid Of

As the cell was so crowded, everyone was worried about infectious diseases. Some people thus took a shower daily. This was not a problem during the summer, but in the winter it was.

The bathroom was small, and only had a curtain as a door. The window was always open, and the water was cold. I also took showers, but was told that I was too old for that, as I could get sick when it was cold.

I said that I had not been sick for many years, and had not needed any medication. I kept thoughts in my mind that I had Master, the founder of Falun Gong, so there was nothing that I was afraid of.

Because I had Falun Gong in my heart, my words and actions touched those around me. After some time, even the guards heard about me.

Falun Gong Is Wonderful

A guard said that I had not come down with even a cold since I had arrived in this center. I confirmed his remark and told him that he certainly would have known about it because he was in charge of the medication and doctor visits.

“Falun Gong practitioners truly don't get sick,” I said. “Master takes care of them. Let's talk about me, I was rather ill before I turned 40 because of years of hardships. I saw many doctors and none could cure my illnesses.”

I continued, “Then I found Falun Gong, and my life and health took a turn for the better. So think about it, how could I give up such a great practice? We are not children, and we cannot be easily deceived. Falun Gong is indeed so wonderful.”

He asked me why he had not seen me do the exercises, and I told them that I did the sitting meditation when I am on duty every night. I go on duty for others because they do not like to be on duty at night.

He was shocked, “Just doing meditation can be that useful?”

“Yes, as long as you hold good thoughts about this cultivation practice in your heart.”

On my way out from his office, I told him in a soft voice, “If you want to learn Falun Gong, just find practitioners.”

He nodded his head and said that he had come down with a severe cold four times during the past two months and each time had to get an IV.

He said, “I have seen several dozens of Falun Gong practitioners here and I can tell that they are all good people, including you.”

Because of Falun Gong practitioners righteous thoughts and actions, many guards in detention centers no longer believe the lies about Falun Gong, publicized by the Chinese Communist Party. They know real situation behind the persecution and thus no longer participate in it.