(Minghui.org) A book fair with the theme “Books, Coffee, and Chocolate” was held in the Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Center in Istanbul in late December 2015.

Falun Gong practitioners were granted a space at the fair, where they displayed Falun Gong books and provided exercise instruction. This was an excellent opportunity to introduce Falun Gong and raise awareness of the persecution of the spiritual practice in its country of origin – China.

Many visitors were interested after watching the peaceful Falun Gong exercise demonstration, and also accepted Falun Gong CDs. A great number of people talked with practitioners and learned about the 16-year long unprecedented persecution in China.

Interested in Learning Falun Gong

Two university students hold a Falun Gong flyer.

University students Didem Yurtsever and Kerim Koc were impressed by the peaceful exercise movements. They asked for contact information of a local practitioner, so they could learn the cultivation practice. They told us that they wanted to learn more online about Falun Gong, and planned to become practitioners.

Demonstrating the Exercises

Practitioners demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises and talk to visitors.

The book fair organizers, Ms. Zeynep and Mr. Abdurrahman, were impressed by the worldwide popularity of Falun Gong, and expressed their concern over the Chinese regime's persecution of the practice.

They signed the petition after hearing about the Chinese regime's state-sanctioned crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, which has persisted for more than ten years. The petition calls for bringing Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party, to justice for initiating and directing the persecution of practitioners, people who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.