Pain Gone

I am a resident of Shandong Province, a part of China that is revered for its Taoist and Confucian heritage. A woman approached me during the fall of 2013 and said that she was in complete recovery.

This woman wanted to buy an electric heating pad at my booth during the hot summer, but I was out of this particular item and promised to bring her one. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it and apologized when she came to see me.

My curiosity was piqued, and I asked her why she needed a heating pad during the summer. She told me that she put it on her legs, that they always hurt, and no doctor could help her.

I told her that I would give her a special folk remedy, which would help if she believed what I said. I gave her a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

“Here you are. Remember to read this book three times carefully,” I said. “Please keep reading it regardless of any concerns. Do not stop reading it, no matter what people tell you. By the way, please tell them what you have learned after you recover.”

I encouraged her to help her family members withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. She brought me a list of aliases from people who wanted to withdraw. She was no longer bothered by the pain.

“He will realize the value of this book in the future”

I live in Heilongjiang Province, so named because of the “Black Dragon River” which runs through it.

About two months ago I met a 73-year-old man who shared an amazing story .

An acquaintance gave him the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in May of this year. He felt relaxed while he read that book and was inspired to transcribe it.

After he transcribed the book, he was no longer bothered by arthritis symptoms, yet he had not taken any medication. He was able to take care of himself and ride a bicycle.

He wanted to know why he became healthy after he read that book. Although I did not explain, I know that he will realize the value of the book in the future.