(Minghui.org) My husband and I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Although we have suffered in the persecution, including being arrested, sentenced to forced labor, etc., our faith has only grown stronger. What we have experienced over the years has shown us that when our thoughts are clear and righteous, Falun Dafa's divine power is revealed.

Steel Plate Disappears

My husband went to deliver some Falun Dafa materials one day, but was hit by a speeding motorcycle. He let the driver go even though his head was bleeding, and one of his elbows was fractured. The doctors implanted a 5-inch long steel plate and nine nails inside his arm. About two years later, he was surprised that it seemed like the plate was gone. So he went to the hospital, where the x-ray confirmed that the steel plate had indeed disappeared.

Encouraging Reminders

My husband experienced some serious illness symptoms, but after spending a few days in the hospital, he decided to go home. He firmly believed that he was just eliminating karma and he would be fine. But I was still worried.

We did the exercises together in the hospital. When we did the second exercise, he told me that I seemed to have shrunk, and when I looked at him, I saw that he appeared very tall.

This reminded me that prior to that day, every time I had conflicts with my sons, I seemed to have become very small when I did the exercises. I believe that Teacher wanted me to see where I was falling short when my righteous thoughts were overshadowed by my human thoughts.

As I regretted behaving badly, I heard a voice saying, “Let bygones be bygones, but do a good job today.” I realized that I must let go of my attachments, and do a good job from then on.

Tea Stains on the Book Disappear

A fellow practitioner accidentally spilled tea on her copy of Zhuan Falun, and it left stains on the book cover. This practitioner brought the book to us.

Feeling very bad for what had happened to the book, my husband put it under Teacher Li’s portrait inside a drawer. But a few days later, he found that the stains had disappeared.

Lesson in Humility

After being wrongfully blamed for something that I did not do, I searched inside myself and realized that I must have said something improper. I realized that fellow practitioners’ criticism was meant for me to understand the reason that I needed to watch what I say. The next day, I saw in another dimension that my body was clear and transparent.

Another time when I was scolded by another practitioner, I sincerely apologized to her. After studying the teachings, I did the exercises and reached tranquility right away.

After yet another conflict with fellow practitioners, I studied the teachings to search inside myself, and then I saw a paper person in another dimension which said, “Stop competing. Stop competing.” I realized that I needed to stop forcing others to accept my way of doing things. It was time for me to speak less, and instead give others a chance to talk.

Printer Worked Silently

The walls of my apartment do not block sound very well, so my neighbors can hear us very clearly. However, one evening, when I printed Falun Dafa informational materials that I planned to distribute to the nearby villages, the printer printed all the materials without making a sound. It was really amazing!