(Minghui.org) Gongsun Jingmao served the governments of the North and South Dynasty and the Sui Dynasty (581-618 CE).

During the battle to conquer the rebelling State of Chen in the South, many soldiers became ill. Jingmao used his own money to buy food and medicines, thus saving the lives of thousands of soldiers.

When Jingmao resigned his position because of illness, his subordinates and the people from his district stood along the road weeping and begging him to stay.

Jingmao was later appointed governor of Daozhou District. He used his salary to buy cattle, hens and hogs which he distributed to the childless elderly, the widowed, and the disabled to help them make a living.

He frequently rode alone on horseback and visited the villagers. He checked their conduct, property, and food. He often publicly praised those who exhibited good conduct, took care of their property and preserved food. He disciplined those who did wrong in private to give them a chance to reflect and change.

Under his governance, people learned to respect and help each other. Men helped their neighbors who did not have enough manpower to farm their land. Women helped their neighbors to weave cloth.

Some large villages had over 100 families, but they treated each other like family.

When Jingmao died, even low ranking officials from neighboring districts and several thousand people came to his funeral. Many people who arrived late could only weep at his tomb.

Source: History of North Dynasty, Volume 86, Collected biographies Volume 74 Obedient Officials