(Minghui.org) To put my current reputation into context, I have to start from the day I began to practice Falun Gong.

A Lucky Rebirth

Because my mother-in-law died prematurely, there was nobody to take care of me when my three children were born, so I developed something rural people called cold lumps in my stomach.

Those lumps gave me tremendous pain and made me cough frequently. I had to drink boiling hot Chinese herbal teas. If the teas cooled down even a little before I drank them, I would end up with painful diarrhea.

All those Chinese herbs eventually caused me joint pain, making walking very difficult. After every few steps, I had to crouch down and rest before I could stand up and walk again.

Later, the cold lumps in my stomach turned into egg-sized tumors. My family wanted me to have surgery, but the doctor said my condition was inoperable; surgery would put my life at risk.

Later still, I developed rheumatism. On top of that, when the grass started to grow every spring, my head would itch.

I became rather weak and could only eat plain noodle soup. If I added a few greens to the soup, I would end up with severe abdominal pain.

My husband sought out cure after cure for me and took me to different hospitals, exhausting all our savings, but to no avail. He felt helpless and hopeless. If anyone asked about my condition, he could cry uncontrollably.

In November 1996 when my condition took a turn for the worse, my husband found a more skilled doctor at the County People's Hospital some ways away.

Because I was extremely weak and might not be able to make the long trip, it was decided I should first get an intravenous drip at the local clinic.

The doctor there tried several times but failed to find a suitable blood vessel to start the IV.

He finally said, "Well, I’m sorry. I just can’t do it. Why don’t you try Falun Gong?Just go next door. They do the exercises there. I've heard that Falun Gong is very effective.”

So, the following afternoon, my husband took me next door to try out Falun Gong.

What happened next was really amazing.

It was probably about 20 days after I started doing the exercises that I began to realize I was gradually improving.

My symptoms soon disappeared. All of a sudden, the ailments that had been tormenting me were no more.

I felt relaxed, refreshed, and energized.

My joy was indescribable.

My entire family was very grateful to Master Li Hongzhi. They became very supportive of me in my Falun Gong practice.

A Filial Daughter-in-law

In 2004, my father-in-law suddenly took ill. He became bedridden and could not take care of himself at all.

I thought to myself, “My father-in-law is sick and needs help. As a Falun Gong cultivator, I should follow Master's teaching to be compassionate and to be considerate of others.”

I assumed the care of my father-in-law. I cooked all his meals and served them to him in bed. I cleaned up after him without fuss or complaint.

My father-in-law was touched but very embarrassed. I said to him, "I practice Falun Gong. Master Li teaches us to be good people. You’re so sick, I can’t bear to see you suffer. I'll take care of you as best I can."

Every day, I washed my father-in-law’s soiled clothes and bedding. I made sure he had clean clothes, dry sheets, and a clean mattress.

Truth be told, if I had not been a Falun Gong practitioner, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done all that dirty work even for my own father.

One time, his daughter dropped in for a visit. She looked down at the pile of dirty clothes and sheets, leaned against the door frame, and wouldn’t even come into the house.

I took care of my father-in-law until he passed away. Before his death, he used to tell everyone, "I have such a filial daughter-in-law. She treats me better than my own daughter."

I had been sick for a long time from a rare and strange illness. I used to pass my days like the living dead. Everyone in the area learned about me and my condition.

So, when people found out I had recovered merely by taking up Falun Gong practice, they were all amazed.

Nowadays, as morality has declined all over the nation, it has become commonplace to be disrespectful of our elders. So, news of my taking such compassionate care of my father-in-law created quite a sensation.

Since everybody in my neighborhood was aware of how I regained my health and how I took care of my father-in-law, when the Chinese Communist Party began its campaign against Falun Gong with its rampant broadcasting of rumors and lies, nobody believes its damaging propaganda.

Even people outside of my neighborhood have heard about me. They all consider me a wonderful daughter-in-law and respect me. They know I practice Falun Gong and know that Falun Gong teaches people to be good.